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Lloyd's apartment is a wreck. Frank pounds on the door and then cautiously enters. Lloyd turns, and we see that he's an albino. He talks to Frank and John bitterly about how Turney only got a contract because of his looks, and how he stole Lloyd's material. Frank asks if they can take a look at Lloyd's computer, and Lloyd agrees. He moves to a nearby piano and starts playing random notes. Frank asks John if he can find out if Lloyd tried to communicate with Turney. John does a search of some sort and asks Lloyd why he has fifty screen names. Lloyd says it's a free country. John reveals that he's recorded Lloyd's voice, and uses the sample to search Lloyd's computer for a match. John says that an audiophile probably doesn't use text emails. John's search turns up a number of recorded files, all of them sent to Turney. Lloyd looks worried. John plays one of the files, in which Lloyd says that he'll laugh when Turney dies. Lloyd says it was a practical joke. Frank asks where he was on the night Turney died. Lloyd says he was there, chatting with his girlfriend over the computer. John asks for the IP address, and Lloyd recites it. John knows that the IP belongs to a local web sex site (I think -- it was hard to tell what he was talking about) and they should have a record. Lloyd's face falls as Frank tells him to stick close to home.

John looks up information on ragweed on his computer, trying to figure out why he remembers it. His buzzer rings, and he goes to the door to find Rachel there. She says it's her turn to make dinner, and asks if he's available. John takes her grocery bags and asks if he's supposed to give her a kiss. Rachel says there aren't any rules. John starts to recite something from Men Are From Mars..., but Rachel interrupts him with a kiss. Cut to John and Rachel sampling all different kinds of food. John starts reciting facts about watermelon, and Rachel asks if he's hooked up to a mainframe somewhere. John says it remains to be seen. They review the list of foods that John liked (including Vienna sausage, which Rachel finds gross), and conclude with the fact that he doesn't like red licorice. Rachel tells him about the time she was a red licorice mummy for Halloween and her father helped her. John says that's why she likes licorice, and wonders if he likes French fries because his father grew potatoes in the backyard. Then he wonders if there was ragweed in the backyard. Rachel is puzzled by the reference to ragweed. John says he wants to find out who he was, not who he is now. Rachel admits that she doesn't know what it's like to be him, but she's dealt with a lot of patients like him, and she knows he needs to focus on what lies ahead. John wonders if what lies ahead betrays what's in his past. Rachel realizes he means he might have a wife or girlfriend. John says he feels trapped in between two worlds. Rachel says that he needs to decide which world he needs to be in, and John realizes that she means he needs to do that before they go any further. Rachel says that she should leave, and she walks out.

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John Doe




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