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Frank and John watch as Randi is escorted into the station. Frank says it's amazing what people will do for love. John asks if that's the way it usually turns out. Frank says it keeps him and his fellow cops in business. John wonders why anyone would fall in love. Frank says it sounds like Rachel trouble. He picks up a picture of his wife and says he doesn't regret loving her for one minute. He advises John not to worry about what could happen, and "focus on the now." I think John got a haircut between the last scene and this one.

Rachel reviews some notes in her apartment. Her bell rings. She walks out and finds a tray of red licorice. One long piece leads down the stairs. She follows it out and finds John holding the other end. I thought they were going to be all Lady and the Tramp and eat it from opposing ends, meeting in the middle, but then I remembered that he doesn't like red licorice. Rachel says she wasn't asking him to abandon his past. John says he doesn't know what he liked in the past, and he will always wonder, but he can "learn to love red licorice." Rachel says she can learn to love "Vienna sausage," which has got to be the worst last line of an episode ever. They kiss.

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