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His Visit: Day Eight

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Shaun Gone! Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!

Ramon: Will (the roses) lift my spirit?
Rosa: That's why they are there.
Ramon: Good.
Rosa: Want an Avon catalog?
Ramon: For me? No.
Rosa: It doesn't cost anything to look, like the flowers.
Ramon: Thanks.

So there you go.

Ramon runs into Cunningham and Dr. Smith in the parking lot. "Church," says Ramon, gesturing to his jacket. "Praying for the boy." Barry holds aloft Dr. Smith's hand: "Just married," he says, while the doctor has a look like, "Yeah, we...wait...what?" Anyhow, Ramon suggests they take a look at the Avon catalog he just got. "The care that must go into creating lipstick shades for women of color," Cunningham enthuses. Yeah...that's not exactly what Ramon had in mind. Look at the middle of the catalog, fellahs -- specifically the part that's covered with those all-too-familiar stick figures. Dr. Smith excuses himself for a moment. "I am seeing Avon in an entirely new light," Cunningham says. "This is big," Ramon says excitedly. "This is huge." Cunningham agrees that "it very well could be." "I want to cook something," Ramon says. "I could eat," Cunningham says. Dr. Smith emerges, waving his Avon catalog -- yes, it's also covered in stick figures. "This is huge," Dr. Smith agrees. I'm back to being confused again.

Well, it seems Mitch and Dr. Johnny Fever made it across the border okay, because they're now entering the Yost homestead -- Mitch rather cautiously, just in case Cissy is waiting to chuck a vase at his forehead. As Dr. Fever admires the house, Mitch notes that they built a room in back for Shaun. "Is he different after what happened?" Dr. Fever asks. "It's hard to say," Mitch says. "Especially since I ran off to Mexico like a ball-less coward." That last sentence might have been me editorializing.

Bill's recon for the missing has taken him out of the safety of his house and onto the mean streets of Imperial Beach, where he comes across Officer Anderson writing traffic tickets. You remember Officer Anderson -- he was working at the police station back when Cissy got arrested and he was the guy who had to reassure Bill during the earthquake and he's probably kind of annoyed by Bill's very existence. And we find out why Anderson is so annoyed -- the reason he's out writing traffic tickets and not working the cushy desk job is that Bill stole the handle off the police station drinking fountain and Anderson covered for him. Well, let's put all that behind us, friend -- "Focus on the matter at hand," Bill says, gripping his head with such anguish that Anderson decides to take him seriously and agrees to keep an eye peeled for John. And maybe it's a sign that I'm losing my mind, but during this entire sequence, a version of "Gee, Officer Krupke" was running through my mind. Hey, Officer Bill Jacks/I'm flipping my lid/This parrot-talking character's abducted my kid! I promise: No more Sondheim.

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