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Shaun Gone! Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!

Bill is also out in front of the Yost home, hovering behind the press corps and looking like he's ready to kick in some heads if anyone asks an impertinent question. An off-duty Anderson drives by -- the Yosts haven't filed a missing persons report, he asks? Not at this juncture, Bill replies. Would Bill like Anderson to spell him for a while? No thanks, Bill says, he's fine. "Thanks for stopping by," Bill says. It's not just a casual remark the way, he says it -- Bill seems genuinely moved by Anderson's participation in all this. But soon, Ramon and Dickstein wheel up their shopping cart full of food and Bill leaps back into action, stopping them to search the cart. No trans fats get through on his watch.

Cissy continues to watch Mitch talk to the press through the window. This must be the longest press conference in recorded history, because the Chemist has finished his tuna fish sandwich and is down in the living room with Cissy. "I don't know what he's saying," she says. "But I know he's fucking up." "That was the man back in the day," The Chemist recalls. "And that chick that hung with him...the hottest piece of ass on those beaches." Oh, Dr. Johnny Fever -- flattery will get you everywhere. "Those days are gone," Cissy says with a touch of sadness. "I still recognize the both of you," The Chemist says. The screaming and cursing helps them stand out in a crowd, to be fair.

If you found the scene where Linc is encouraging someone to seek spiritual solace unnerving, then I hope you're sitting down for this one. Because it involves Freddy, and he appears to be praying. "Whoever I fucking ran away from in that volcano twenty-five years ago, I'm talking to you," he begins. "I don't give a fuck. I don't need to understand. I would ask you, avoid harming that kid. I would say, I am here to ask you. I would say, I came here to be here. I came to ask. Whatever's going to happen." Look, I didn't say it wasn't a threatening prayer. Palaka, listening to all this, scratches himself in a very personal place. Ah, the sacred and the profane -- on this show, it's all the same ball of wax.

At the café, Dwayne persuades Jerri to let him stay past closing time, lest any more messages come in on the computer. It doesn't take much persuading. To answer Cissy's question about Kai's whereabouts, she's sitting on the beach, staring off onto the horizon. Butchie's out in the water, bobbing around, looking westward too, at the setting sun. Cass is watching from the pier. They all seem to be waiting for something. They are the faithful ones. I almost hate pointing out that it's the faithful who usually wind up the most disappointed by reality. And as Sam and Dave launch into "Hold On, I'm Coming," we hit the credits.

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