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His Visit: Day Five

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Previously on John From Milford...well, not a whole lot happened plot-wise. Shaun's mother -- who works in the porn industry, and not behind the camera, either -- showed up in Imperial Beach, and first Cissy was going to shoot her and then she didn't. Instead, Tina the porn star was allowed to look into her son's bedroom while he pretended to sleep. Vietnam Joe still thought that John tricked him about that whole self-healing stab wound thing, but then realized that he hadn't. Mitch and Cissy fought, which sort of happens every episode, only this time, Mitch left, hopefully for good. And John helped Cass film the kind of video that lets struggling art-school students feel good about their own work.

Credits. There's a world where I can go, and tell my secrets to. In my room. In my room. Mind the ghosts, please.

We open with Cass sitting on the bed of her hotel room -- footage of her unbelievably tepid student movie is playing on her computer, but she's sort of staring off into space, trying desperately to find something else to grab her attention. I can sympathize. She gets up, paces about the room, stops in front of her computer, fixes her hair, and finally hits pause. Then, there's a series of jump cuts -- Cass on the bed, kicking off her boots; Cass walking around, flicking a lighter; Cass adjusting the hideous painting hanging on the wall in her room so that it's level (seriously -- is there anything uglier than the paintings used to decorate the walls of hotel rooms? Sports jackets warn by professional hockey coaches, I suppose, but I've always thought they just steal the patterns from the art hanging in the hotels they stay in while on the road. See, Cass? Now I'm wasting time!). Cass enjoys a cigarette. She plays with a pencil. She writes herself Post-It Notes and then crumples them angrily. Now, it's time to raid the hotel mini-bar -- out come the bags of corn chips and pretzels and what-have-you until Cass uncovers a candy bar that she digs into with relish. Cass -- seriously, that candy bar is going to cost you, like, $32 -- there is not enough creamy nougat in all the world to justify that expense. And weren't you just telling John an episode ago how broke and desperate you are? I'd hate to see someone as young and pretty as yourself wind up in debtors' prison over a Snickers. Anyhow, more pacing and humming and now Cass is drinking the miniature bottles of booze from the mini-bar -- that's another $83 a piece right there. And that's the scene -- perhaps it is to show us the creative process; perhaps it's to pad out the episode because it was running short this week. Who really knows? Anyhow, in case you're interested, here's a glimpse into my creative process:

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