John From Cincinnati
His Visit: Day Five

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The clean-up efforts at the Snug Harbor continue apace, not that Daphne is contributing much, other than to sneer to Dickstein about how much fun she's having. The lawyer protests that he made a commitment to help out. "No, I'm just saying this is so much fun," Daphne repeats with no conviction whatsoever. "I'm so glad we reconciled." Good news, everyone -- it's another castrating female character in the Milch-o-verse -- that trope never gets old, not even for a second. Meanwhile, Palaka has returned from the emergency room, his right wrist encased in plaster. Dickstein introduces him to his fiancée while Palaka babbles on: "It's not something I'd want to do every day, medical treatment, but it's also something not to be afraid of." At this point, Dr. Smith rides up on his bicycle. "There's the assassin," Palaka says happily. "There's the murdering cutthroat who treated me. There's the prison torturer from the Abu Ghraib prison." Palaka is trying to sound all jovial while saying this, but it's worth noting that he's backing up rapidly away from Dr. Smith and his menacing ten-speed of doom. Freddy regards all this with measured contempt; Daphne makes an emasculating observation of some sort in Yiddish to Dickstein. In the meantime, Palaka asks Freddy to "do [his] cast the first honor, please." Freddy takes the pen and writes something rather lengthy that makes Palaka giggle -- I'm guessing it's a thinly veiled threat about further physical violence in case Palaka ever gets out of line. Either that, or "Get well soon, pal."

The re-enactment of the critical scene from Tuna Fish Sandwich-Making Trollops continues in the Yost kitchen. Shaun asks Tina if she's planning on sticking around for a while, which causes Tina to pause from making Cissy's horrible tuna fish recipe. "I'm not sure," she eventually replies. She brings the tuna fish concoction over to the table where a loaf of Wonder Bread -- bland, able-to-survive-the-coming-Armageddon Wonder Bread -- awaits. "Should we make one for my Gram?" Shaun asks. "Sure," says Tina, although it's clear that she hadn't been considering the possibility. Shaun smiles enigmatically. Squish, squish goes the tuna fish as its spread on the bread. That sound will put your off your food.

It's chow time at the Snug Harbor. Cunningham and Ramon are setting up the grill, as the other characters mill about wordlessly. The wind picks up, perhaps a little ominously. And who should breeze in at this point but good ol' John from Cincinnati -- hey, John, shouldn't you be back in the van with Joe and Bill? Or making sure that Cissy doesn't kill herself? No matter; the others seem to take no notice of him. "Who's hungry?" Ramon asks. Hope it's hungry for long, not-always-coherent speeches, because that's what J from the C-to-the-nati will be serving up, monologue-style. The transcription of John's speech comes courtesy of Steve Hawk's blog and the inventors of the copy-paste function. The comments are mine, which we'll try to restrict to stage directions and shot descriptions.

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