John From Cincinnati
His Visit: Day Five

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Preach On. And On. And On Some More.

We're back in Joe's van now -- John is in the shotgun seat, still passed out, while Joe scans the landscape for knife-wielding vatos. Nobody says nothing.

Over to Cass's hotel room, where she's lying stomach-down on the bed and the contents of the wet bar are littered across the room. The door opens, and John walks in. Say this for him -- he gets around. And he's got something to say: "I need your camera, Cass." Wordlessly, Cass picks up her car keys: "It's safe in the trunk of my car, John." He takes her hand and leads her out of the room.

Linc is walking mopily in front of a surf shop -- presumably not the Yosts' -- where he stares at a surfboard in the window with "Stinkweed" written on it. (That's apparently the name of Linc's surf operation.) Suddenly, John's reflection appears in the window. "Time to get back into the game, Linc Stark," he says. John, I bet you say that to all the fellahs. Linc stares at the window some more -- we see the reflection of Cass's car driving off.

Back at the hotel, night has fallen, and people are enjoying their hamburgers and chips, while John continues to speechify: "Fur is big. Mud is big. The stick is big." Cass is now there, getting out of her sports car. "The word is big," John continues. "Fire is huge. The wheel is huge. The line and circle are big." Hey, everyone -- it's Linc Stark, lurking on the periphery. John: "On the wall, the line and circle are huge. On the wall, the man at the wall makes a man from the circle and line." Butchie and Kai are now sitting down, eating, in front of the bench containing Dead Man Rollins. "The man at the wall makes a Word on the wall from the circle and line," John says, as Freddy eyeballs Dr. Smith who is tossing out his plate. "The Word on the wall hears my Father," John says, smiling, before we cut over to Cass. "The zeroes and ones make the Word in Cass's camera," John says, touching Cass's cheek with his index finger. He takes her by the hand and leads her over to a horse statue, while Linc watches from the shadows. "In the Word on the wall that hears my-Father-in-Cass's-camera," John continues, as Dr. Smith looks around, vaguely troubled, "the good one Mitch catches doesn't wipe Cissy out. In the-Word-that-hears-my-Father, Cissy shows Butchie something else." We get a close-up of Butchie here -- he's looking more thoughtful than usual. "In-my-Father's-Word, Cissy shows Butchie in Shaun." Now we follow Butchie's gaze to Kai. John is still talking: "In-my-Father's-Word, Tina raises Shaun at lunch." It's a long shot now, of John standing in the shuffleboard court again -- Cass is right next to him, and Cunningham, Dickstein and Dickstein's fiancée can be seen looking in John's general direction, if John is, in fact, physically present. But I'm getting ahead of myself here. John? "In Cass's-camera, Butchie lays the court out for Barry, and Mister Rollins watches, and he doesn't come on Barry's face. In Cass's-camera, Butchie knows Kai kept the faith. In-my-Father's-Word, the Wave lifts them up." John does that thing with his foot here that he did back in Episode 1 when he met Shaun for the first time -- I guess you could say he's drawing a line and a circle in the dirt.

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