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His Visit: Day Five

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So here's where things get weird. ("Get?" you ask. "Okay, weirder," I concede.) Bill gets out of his green truck -- he's apparently not back at the van with Vietnam Joe anymore either. Palaka exits the motel room with Freddy's saxophone and hands it over to his boss. "You think you overcame a milestone in stride," Palaka says sleepily. "Next thing, it's four hours later, and you've been napping from unrecognized stress." Shut up, Palaka -- John is talking. "In Cass's camera, Bill doesn't bump his head on the stairs," John says. And yes, a set of circular stairs just like the ones in Bill's house magically appear in the parking lot; "I cannot do this," Bill grouses, as he climbs the stairs. Freddy walks over to the stairs, sax in hand. "In Cass's camera," John continues, "as long as he's being stupid, Bill gives Lois a kiss." Bill is at the top of the staircase now, with a harmonica in hand; he and Freddy share a glance before they break out into a sax-and-harmonica duet. I won't be buying their self-titled debut album.

John continues: "In His-Word-in-Cass's-camera, the internet is big. Nine-Eleven is big, but not every towel-head is eradicated. In His-Word, We are coming Nine-Eleven-Fourteen. In my-Father's-Word, Bill sees how Freddy relaxes." Ramon walks past Cunningham, and we get an establishing shot of the hotel courtyard -- John is in the center, holding court and surrounded by the other characters; Linc is standing very far away. "In Cass's-camera, Ramon wants to know who's hungry," John says, as Freddy launches into what sounds like the introductory notes of "What A Wonderful World," though I'm probably wrong, "in the courtyard and Room Forty-Five." Ramon takes the plates away from Butchie and Kai; Dickstein and his fiancée are watching this, though she turns and walks off-camera to say what looks like a goodbye to Cunningham, as John says, "In my-Father's-Word-to-come-in-Cass's-camera, Dr. Smith calls Ocean Properties." We see Dr. Smith standing next to the funny-talking website nerd, and then Vietnam Joe standing next to the guy who stabbed John -- I guess nobody's sitting in the van now. "In Cass's-camera-to-come, my Father stares Not-Aleman down, and Freddy sees Bill much improved," John says. Palaka dances a merry little jig to the sax-and-harmonica solo. "You will not note my-Father's-Word, nor remember Cass's-camera," John says as the camera cuts to him, "but you will not forget what we did here." There's a boom off in the distance. Butchie and Kai are still sitting on the ground in front of Mr. Rollins -- behind him, from left to right are Mitch, Butchie, Shaun, Tina, and Cissy. Think the Sgt. Pepper's album cover, only with a lot fewer Beatles.

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