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His Visit: Day Five

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Instead, Dr. Smith rolls up on his sweet ride -- a bicycle. He inquires with Butchie as to the health of John (hanging out with Cass the last time Butchie checked) and Shaun -- good, so far as Butchie knows. "Lot of quick healers in this zip code," the doctor jokes. Palaka, meanwhile, continues scrubbing the pool while muttering things about doctors that don't sound like jokes -- not piercing insights into the state of health care circa 2007, exactly, but you can tell that he's irritated. Perhaps the shock from the wrist that was broken three days ago is finally beginning to set in. Anyhow, Dr. Smith stops by to ask how Palaka's feeling, and the dark mutterings stop. How'd those x-rays turn out, Dr. Smith asks. "Everything's good, you know," Palaka tries to bullshit. "Healing up good, like gangbusters, you know." Dr. Smith wonders which bones turned out to be broken. "Oh," Palaka says, after thinking it over some. "Most, if not all." Dr. Smith notes that it's odd Palaka's not wearing a cast. Hey, I'm going to use deductive reasoning here, doc, and conclude that maybe he didn't go see a doctor like you told him. "My sense would be you should have a cast on that," Dr. Smith says. "Yeah, well, chocolate-vanilla, doc, right?" Palaka says rhetorically. Anyhow, Palaka seems miffed that Dr. Smith didn't attend to him personally -- also, I'm guessing, emergency rooms terrify him. "Push comes to shove, fuck all of ya," Palaka mutters at Dr. Smith, which brings Freddy sprinting from across the parking lot. Nobody insults a trained medical professional under Freddy's watch! As Palaka goes on muttering and scrubbing and moping that nobody cares about him, Cissy speeds into the parking lot in her sports car. This surprises everyone, Butchie most of all, who steps away from a gaping Dickstein to go meet his mother.

"In some situations," Cunningham says, "'you moron piece of shit' may be heard as a blessed solicitor." Butchie is as puzzled by this as I am, but Cunningham doesn't stop to explain, cheerily saying hello to Cissy. "I'm sure your mother doesn't remember me," Cunningham says when Butchie asks if they know one another -- "yeah, sorry," Cissy agrees testily -- "but she expressed what I took for a kindness a number of years ago." That...probably wasn't Cissy then, pal. I'm guessing her next act of kindness will be her first, at least in a good long while. Anyhow, the Yosts go off to talk, leaving Cunningham holding his plants. "One mother's rebuke of her son," Cunningham muses, "even if vile and obscene, may be taken as kindness by another whose mother is not at hand." Random guess: years and years ago when some spot of unpleasantness was happening to Cunningham, possibly by Butchie's hand, Cissy came and ripped into her son, sparing Cunningham further humiliation. Or perhaps he's just spewing nonsense -- he'd hardly be the first on this show.

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