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His Visit: Day Four

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The Guns of Imperial Beach

And with that, Tina is on her way, pausing to thank Cissy on her way out the door. Cissy's still sitting at the table. Kai is still standing there, hiding the gun behind her back. Butchie sees Tina to her car, opens the door for her, and slinks away. Again, nobody's least not until we get back into the house, where Kai is taking her leave of Cissy. "Where are you going with my gun?" Cissy demands. "To someplace where you can't fire it off, emotionally volatile lady" appears to be the answer. As Kai steps outside she catches Butchie's glance; he starts to walk toward her until she gives him the international hand gesture for "Stay away, heartless cad!" and stalks off.

Hey, here's two guys we haven't seen enough of this episode -- Freddy and Palaka, sitting in front of their motel room, starring up at the stars. Freddy asks Palaka what he sees. Oooh -- wrong guy to ask to be all deep. Palaka says, "The stars. Uh...clouds. Of course, lower down. ...Partial moon. ...Plane going who knows where." Freddy looks like he regrets asking the question: "A bloodbath," he mutters. Palaka does not seem to catch on: "Destination bloodbath," he says jollily. "Plane going who knows where, all aboard!" "Prepare for war, my brother," Freddy says darkly. "Prepare for war! All aboard!" Palaka replies. "Plane going who knows where! All aboard!" Freddy stares at Palaka, as if to wonder how his sins have condemned him to share the earth with someone so blitheringly stupid; Palaka stops mid-antic and cringes under the weight of Freddy's stare. Anyhow, we get to the reason for Freddy's darkly contemplative mood -- he's giving his Hawaiian business to Moana. Who's Moana? Why do I have a feeling we're in for another week of character exposition further down the road? Because Freddy informs us that Moana will probably interpret this act as a threat against his life and that Moana will pre-emptively show up to kill Freddy. So you have that to look forward to, folks. Meanwhile, Butchie skulks into the Snug Harbor alone. Freddy and Palaka observe that he does not look dope sick, and, rather than attribute this to John's presence and the other odd things happening round these parts, they conclude that he's buying drugs off of somebody else. They resolve to find out; so you've got that to look forward to as well.

Kai arrives back at her trailer, which she finds depressingly Butchie-free. Ah, but who needs the love of a fella when you've got a handgun? Kai fires off a shot into her boombox, prompting it to begin playing the same version of In Your Eyes that she was snogging to, not 24 hours ago. Oh Kai -- gun violence against Peter Gabriel albums is not the answer to your problems. Unless it's to his early stuff with Genesis, which is really inaccessible and doesn't hold up well. Fire at will upon "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway." "Fuck you," Kai says -- presumably at life in general and Butchie in particular and not at Peter Gabriel who has done nothing to offend anyone.

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