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His Visit: Day Nine

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The End Is Here
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Previously on John, Apparently Not From Cincinnati: Well...hell, people. You've been watching the show for the last nine weeks. You tell me. Uh-huh. Hmmm. He disappeared, did he? Just like the guy said he would. And the bird, too? Uh-huh. Uh...I don't understand. Okay, okay, stick figures on Avon catalogs -- whatever you say. And then what? No kidding? Dr. Johnny Fever? Well, don't that beat all.

Credits. There's Dickstein and Barry/Their motel's kind of scary/And Cass with her camer-y/DeMornay's shouting's hammy/Ooo let's talk about a show on HBO/Everybody swears and the plots move slow/Will they renew this show/way down in Kokomo?

We open, with the camera sweeping rapidly through the clouds, followed immediately by a shot of a beach-sweeper combing the sands of Imperial Beach and coming a little bit closer to a sleeping Butchie's foot than he'd care to see. Butchie has a history with beach-sweeps, if you recall, though unlike last time, when he was passed out on the beach in a drug-fueled stupor, this time, he and Kai were keeping vigil for Shaun. Butchie gives the beach-sweep driver a message filled with ones and zeroes -- well, mostly, just ones, and he uses his finger to deliver it. He and Kai lie back down on the beach. The beach-sweep drives by again; up goes that finger.

And we're back to the clouds. Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy the music of Mr. Bob Dylan.

And now it's montage time: Cissy and Mitch are lying in bed; Cissy is turned away from Mitch and apparently sleeping, while Mitch is facing the ceiling, eyes wide open. More clouds. Cass is asleep in a Porsche, which is parked down at the beach. More clouds. Bill walks through his house with a cup of coffee; he exchanges glances with the cockatoo that gave him all that grief last episode. Clouds! Dickstein awakens to a strange bobbing motion underneath the covers; he pulls the sheets back to reveal off her morning with a nice, kosher Hebrew National, if you get my drift. Oh, sweet heavenly God, go back to those clouds double-quick! Go to the clouds! And we do, only now we descend through the cloud and onto the shimmering blue of the ocean. Which is when Butchie bolts upright on the beach, just in time to catch John Monad catching quite the wave. And there's another surfer next to him -- yes, it's Shaun, who's apparently come back. (Eagle-eyed viewers will also note that a bird appeared in the initial shot of John coming into view -- we can only guess that's Zippy, although sometimes, as Freud wrote, a bird is just a bird.) On the pier, Cass is filming all of this, while Butchie and Kai drink it. It's really quite a lovely sequence.

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