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His Visit: Day Nine

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The End Is Here

Mitch contemplates all this. He exchanges some glances with John (who apes Mitch's "deep in thought" face) and Linc, before finally motioning Butchie and Shaun over. They each take a hand and pull him down to the floor, resting another hand on Mitch's shoulders; John smiles. "Back in the game, Mitch Yost," he says. Mitch seems only mildly reassured by that.

And everyone's caravanning to the parade -- Shaun, John, Butchie, and Tina are riding in the caged back of the El Camino. As they motor down the streets of Imperial Beach, Aleman the Stabby Vato and his crew happen to be assembling outside a trailer. "Stare me down!" John shouts at him. "Stare me down!" Aleman does not consider that playful banter, because he and his pals run off. I guess some people are big ol' scaredy-cats when the guy who they stabbed and left for dead comes back to taunt them. Vietnam Joe is watching all this from the VFW Hall across the street. "I guess you're back," he says, probably to John. Apparently, he is.

Bill's plan to create a traffic control area is not going well. My clue is the fact that he's surrounded by a couple of Imperial Beach's finest. Also, he's in handcuffs. Apparently, construction in the area foiled his original plans, so he tried to get some citizens to move their cars -- "intimidating customers," is how Anderson is patiently trying to put it to Bill. While Bill is ranting about how skateboarders are the real criminals -- not according to the bumper stickers I see placed around town -- a older gent carrying a dog pulls up. From the way he and Bill insult one another, I'm guessing he's the chief of police. He's also Bill Clark, David Milch's frequent collaborator and the man upon whom Bill Jacks is loosely based. So it's kind of like matter meeting anti-matter here, and, quite frankly, it's freaking me the hell out. Not as much as it is Bill -- Jacks, that is, not Clark -- who sees that the parade cars are finally arriving. "The situation is deteriorating by the second," he cries. So there's talk of permits and staging areas, and finally Bill -- Clark, not Jacks -- orders a police escort to get the growing line of parade cars and news vans off the street. "Because your poodle's late for a haircut," Bill (Jacks) shouts at Bill (Clark). "The dog has a fulminating fungus on his pad," Bill (Clark) says, somewhat defensively.

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