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The End Is Here

I'd also like to note that throughout all of this, my cable system's sound kept cutting out for the first five minutes of the episode. Yes, it was my local cable provider's fault, but given the recent history of finales on HBO, for all I know, it was Milch trying to top David Chase. "Go blank for ten seconds, huh?" Milch probably cackled to himself in his subterranean lair, as Steve Hawk fed him peeled grapes. "Well, how about if I make the sound cut out intermittently...for the entire episode?!!!! BWAH HA HA HA HA HA HA!" I'm almost certain this never happened -- it probably got ditched in a production meeting.

Anyhow, Bob Dylan's still singing -- I can hear all the words now! -- and Cass speed-dials someone. It's Linc -- Tina answers the phone and hands it over to Linc, who, after listening for a bit, gives Tina the thumbs-up. Tina grabs Linc's thumb and looks heavenward. Back at the beach, everyone's piled into Butchie's ride -- John and Kai in the back seat, Shaun shotgun, and Butchie driving. John has a knowing grin on his face; Shaun looks ahead impassively.

And as the music of Bob Dylan fades from the soundtrack, Dwayne -- weary sigh from your recapper -- pulls up on his kick scooter outside Jerri's Café. He enters to find Jerri sitting at the computer vaguely annoyed. Well, more annoyed than normal. Or, actually, kind of a targeted form of annoyance. "Haven't I told you not to leave your fucking machine on to spew incomprehensibilities at passersby like a roadside fucking bomb?" she demands. so many words? It doesn't matter anyhow, because Dwayne insists he turned off the computer last night. Well, apparently not, because it's back on -- and what's more, it's showing Butchie pulling up in his van at the Snug Harbor, and Kai, John, and Shaun disembarking. "Holy shit," Jerri says. So your computer gets HBO -- big deal. I'm watching the very same thing now on my TV and...oh. Yeah, that is pretty freaky.

Live at the Snug Harbor, Butchie suggests to John and Shaun that they had better get out of their wetsuits -- "your fucking fatigues," Butchie calls them, because they've got these blue splotches on 'em that make the boys look like they're wearing camouflage. Butchie tells John to wait outside and takes Shaun by the hand to lead him into the motel room. "Is Shaun all right?" Kai asks John, as Cass appears in the background, camera in hand. "Shaun is all right," John says, and for once, I don't think he's parroting something he just heard.

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