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His Visit: Day Nine

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The End Is Here

Inside the motel room, Butchie hands Shaun some clothes out of a pile to put on -- oh man, that kid is going to need a Silkwood-like shower if clothing from Butchie's room touches his bare flesh -- and puts his hand on the back of Shaun's head in a way that's reminiscent of previous father-son bonding moments.

Back outside, the conversation between Kai and John continues apace. "Where were you coming from off the water?" Kai asks. "Cincinnati," John replies. Oh, so that explains where they were -- they were circumnavigating the globe. Butchie appears in the door and tells John that it's his turn to change into the filthy clothes Butchie has picked up off the floor -- you may be able to heal your own stab wounds, John, but I hope you're also adept at staving off staph infections. Shaun has finished changing into a dark shirt that's a few sizes too big -- he either looks like a mini-Butchie or a member of the Khmer Rouge's surf battalion. Butchie hustles John off to the bathroom, closes the door, and then regards his son; Shaun smiles at him.

Outside, Cass continues to film the action that is not happening. Kai catches sight of her. "Hey, chick," Kai says, as she begins to walk out of the parking lot. "It's Cass, Kai," Cass corrects her. Yes, I'm sure Kai cares to learn the name of the woman who's just spent the last few days barricaded in a hotel room editing footage of drum circles. Indeed, Kai keeps walking until she spies Ramon: "They're all right," she says. "They're back." Ramon is happy to hear this, and Palaka is also eavesdropping from the Hawaiian Drug Dealer suite at the Snug Harbor. "Thanks for taking care of him all this time," Kai says simply, before walking out of the parking lot. No, Kai -- don't go! You, who are so very interesting -- do not leave us with Cass, who is so very not. Kai! Come back, Kai!

Fortunately, before we have too much time to mope about a Kai-less future, Linc and Tina pull up. Linc exchanges unpleasantries with Cass, just as Butchie and son emerge from Butchie's room. "Hi, Mom," Shaun says, pleasantly enough, as he hugs Tina. Enough mother-and-child reunion -- it's time to go to see Mitch and Cissy, Butchie says. "I want to stay with John," Shaun protests. "Yeah, well, I want a seal that barks my name," Butchie counters. That's an odd, impractical dream to have, my man. They head off, with Tina in tow; Linc offers to babysit John. "Let's sit down, John," Linc suggests, as Butchie's Mystery Mobile (the main mystery: will it start this time?) putters off. John nods, and so they do sit down -- right there in the parking lot. Literal-minded -- you have to like that in a heavenly messenger. Jerri and Dwayne continue to watch all this Snug-Harbor-based drama from the comfort of their café.

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