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His Visit: Day Nine

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The End Is Here

Back at Chez Yost, Cissy continues to react to Mitch's ongoing levitation not with amazement or fear or scientific curiosity, but rather with general annoyance. Where's Dr. Johnny Fever? she demands. He's off visiting Mitch's bullshit hippie CVS, apparently. So Cissy dials up Bill to have him come over and keep an eye on Mitch; judging by Mitch's reaction, he probably would prefer the whir of the ceiling fan to Bill's company. But he doesn't get much say in the matter. Cissy runs off to do some errands, leaving her husband to fulfill Lionel Richie's chilling prophecy.

Butchie and Shaun are exchanging friendly handshakes, while Linc and John resume their verbal sparring. "Let's say you're not from around here, John," Linc begins. Everybody: "Let's say I'm not, Linc." "Chocolate, vanilla," Linc continues. "Everyone's from somewhere, so you're not from here. On the other hand, finding out you're not from here is a bit of nut-nudge for us earthlings." A nut-nudge, by the way, sounds very unpleasant. "I can't imagine your old man wouldn't know that," Linc concludes. John can't imagine such a thing either. "That's your Father's point, with the camo and stuff, scare our balls off?" Linc asks, gesturing toward the wetsuits. "You hear my Father's words," John replies. "You hear them better in Cass's camera." And with that, John pulls back the paper covering the freshly stenciled shuffleboard court to reveal that it says 9-11-14-10-OFF. Oh my -- that means...absolutely nothing to me. Sorry. I'm sure it's very significant to someone somewhere who isn't necessarily named "David" or "Milch." Linc wonders who's supposed to see this. "You hear my Father's words, Linc," says John. Which I take to mean that either Linc has finally figured out what's going on or he will soon enough. Or maybe he and John are just going to play some shuffleboard.

Before we can figure that out, Cissy pulls up into the parking lot; apparently, her errand was to retrieve Butchie regarding Mitch's new ceiling-based location. So Butchie grabs Shaun and hops into the Miata, and they speed off -- my wife notes how it's a sweet, subtle moment how both Cissy and Butchie interlock an arm around Shaun's leg to keep him from falling out of the car. John does too, apparently. "Meet the Jetsons," he says, grinning. I remember when such things were said ironically. Linc is on the phone, telling a person or persons unknown to meet him at the Snug Harbor and to bring a tailor. Aw, c'mon -- John's clothes aren't that bad.

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