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His Visit: Day Seven

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Shaun Gone? Yawn.

Elsewhere at the Snug Harbor, Dwayne is filling Cissy in on the details of the message so chilling we can't actually learn what its contents it all. Instead, we're getting the convoluted backstory of how it didn't come to Butchie's website -- Dwayne would know if it did, because he's the webmaster -- but rather to his personal account. Dwayne points out he's very secretive about his personal account. Also, he's terrifically unpopular. "And Butchie's surf student signed it?" asks Cissy, cutting to the chase. Dwayne reminds her that it was a video message. "Like that fuck Bin Laden?" Cissy asks. Well, probably without his production values -- Cass did film it, after all. "'Shaun will soon be gone,'" Dwayne says; presumably, he's repeating the contents of the video and not, you know, making a prediction.

There's a knock at the door, and it's Dickstein, fresh off his Which One of Us Wants To Get Disbarred? conference with the hospital attorney. Jerri fills him on the day's troubling events: "She got a message about her grandson. It's got her upset." "About Shaun?" Dickstein asks. No, about the grandson we haven't met yet -- do try to follow along, counselor. Dwayne weighs in with his opinion -- that maybe the police should be involved. Because it's Dwayne, nobody pays attention. Just then, Butchie walks around to find his motel room stuffed with five people waiting for him. "If this is an intervention, I'm clean," says Butchie, with only a trace of defensiveness. That is comedy, friends.

Shaun's ride home with Tina reaches its logical conclusion -- home -- with Shaun noting, probably for Tina's benefit as much as anything, that Cissy is not home. "Do you have to have someone home with you?" asks Tina, her motherly instinct kicking into overdrive. "I'm fourteen," Shaun says dryly. My God, young man -- another two decades and you can run for president. Shaun notes that his mother's car is almost out of gas; Tina says that she was just about to get some. Here's a wild idea from Shaun: maybe she could get gas now, with him still in the car! It's sweet that he wants to spend time with his birth mother, really it is; on the other hand -- move forward more rapidly, Plot! Anyhow, Tina will take Shaun to get gas, and then afterward, maybe they could go some place cool to come up with something on the fly here...SeaWorld? Not my first choice, but Shaun agrees, calling up the surf shop to leave a message for his grandmother.

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