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Hey, good news for all of you Deadwood fans who thrilled to Trixie's brief appearance as waitress last week -- she's back again this week, which is good news both for her and for us. Although I do worry that she's going to get typecast in these sorts of roles if that's all Milch keeps lining her up to play. ("We need a foul-mouthed firecracker of a woman for this part. Get me Holly Hunter!" "She's unavailable!" "All right, then get me Trixie from every David Milch HBO project ever made!")

Anyhow, Trixie -- who goes by the name Jerri on this show -- is reviewing the hospital legal documents that Cissy brought over. That seems outside the purview of waitressing, but who can really say definitively with this show? Lawyers surf, surfers levitate, waitresses review liability waivers -- it all makes sense in a way. Anyhow, Trixie/Jerri's verdict is that Dickstein will know what to do. Someone apparently lit up the bald-lawyer signal, because Dickstein walks in nearly immediately to take a gander at the documents. "This is a boilerplate for you," Dickstein says, interrupting Cissy and Trixie/Jerri's chitchat about Butchie and Kai and Shaunie's post-accident troubles. "The doctor is the sacrificial lamb. Typically, the halo effect in these documents bathes the physician in the hospital's light. This absolves the hospital, but your right of action against the doctor is not impaired." Again with the halo effect! Trixie/Jerri makes the same observation, noting that Dwayne -- whom she lovingly refers to as The Harelip -- has been prattling on about the same thing. As this is going on, a woman identified as Doris walks by, points at Trixie/Jerri, and says, "Forty-three days in arrears." She motions at Cissy: "Eighty-two days in arrears for you." So: The hospital is setting up Dr. Smith, which we already knew about; everyone is using the phrase "halo effect," which we sort of knew about, too; and everyone is in debt, which Butchie alluded to a couple scenes earlier. Not the most groundbreaking of scenes. Although we do get to see Cissy demonstrate something approaching human compassion: "Don't let anything happen to the doctor," she tells Dickstein, who points out that it's not necessarily in their hands.

Back at the Snug Harbor, Palaka is still twitching, and Freddy is working through his grief by complaining about how filthy Palaka's side of the room is. "Soup-to-notes renovation in the offing," Cunningham points out. "Well, you oughta off it pretty fucking soon," counters Freddy, who tells Palaka that he plans to sleep in a rollaway bed rather than Palaka's old bed, "just in case what you got is transferable." When Cunningham offers to bring in fresh sheets, Freddy turns his anger at the universe on him: "Stop answering if I'm talking to him." Cunningham decides that discretion is the better part of getting hit upside the head and leaves. Alone, Freddy sits down next to Palaka's bed: "Don't you fucking die," he whispers. It sounds less like a prayer and more like a threat.

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