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His Visit: Day Six

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Are You There, God? It's Me, Weirdo

John's Father: So how's it going, Son?
John: Good. Really good. That trick you taught me where I just repeat back what people have said to's working like a charm.
John's Father: Good, good.
John: Actually, it's pretty annoying. I'm kind of surprised no one's taking a swing at me.
John's Father: Oh, they will, John. They will. So, you deliver my message?
John: Yup, yup, I did. I told them about the zeros and the ones and the lines and the circles. Oh, I said that fire was huge. And I was sure to mention 9-11-14.
John's Father: Well that's...wait. What?
John: 9-11-14. Fire huge, mud huge. The whole deal.
John's Father: But that's complete gibberish.
John: I…
John's Father: It makes no sense.
John: If you...
John's Father: I mean, I'm all-knowing, and I have no idea what the hell you're talking about. My message was pretty clear when I gave it to you to deliver.
John: (quietly) I thought I would mystify it up a little. You know, to keep people guessing.
John's Father:, that's just great, Son.
John: I'm sorry.
John's Father: No, great. Top-notch work there. You really delivered.
John: I said I'm sorry.
John's Father: I knew I should have sent Jesus instead of you. He got the job done last time.
Jesus (entering): Somebody mention my name? I was out getting tacos.

Anyhow, that's how I imagine things are going. By the way, Cass is still making her video.

Dr. Smith steps out of the motel room to enjoy a furtive smoke, and Cunningham, taking to the role of nurse like a duck to water, walks up with a tray full of orange juice in Dixie Cups. "We have to let the antibiotics kick in," the doctor explains when Smith asks him how Palaka is doing. "Was that all overdone, about cigarettes?" Cunningham asks. Dr. Smith looks at Cunningham and then looks at his cigarette: "No," he says chuckling. "In any case," Cunningham continues, unperturbed by a man of medicine doing something very unhealthy, "I now have a sense of how the great Astaire felt the day he put on tap shoes." Curiously, on that day, Fred Astaire was heard to remark, "Boy, I feel like a lottery winner who's helping treating an infected guy at the seedy motel he bought with his gaming winnings." No really, he said that -- I read it on Wikipedia. At this point, Butchie pulls up in his van, gives a quick wave to the doctor and Cunningham, and, when Ramon tries to ask him about something, pulls out his cell phone and makes like he's having a conversation. Smooth move, Butchie -- you've totally got them fooled. And the reason for that pantomime? Butchie bought some heroin, which he takes out and places on the table once he's reached the privacy of his room. Well, I guess he's going to show me about getting good and high, after all.

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