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His Visit: Day Six

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Are You There, God? It's Me, Weirdo

So...some nice moments in that episode -- Butchie and Kai, Butchie and Shaun, Butchie and Cissy. (Hey, here's a thought: Brian Van Holt is acting the hell out of this show.) But also a lot of pointless ones or ones that took five minutes to say what could have been said in two. More troubling, that's another episode in the can without any further indication from David Milch that he plans on rewarding viewers who stick with the show but don't feel like drawing elaborate wall charts and graphs and Venn diagrams to figure out all the clues and portents. So that's a big fat "feh" from yours truly.

Next week: John tells Cass they made a tape the night before. Hopefully, she won't be editing that for the next couple episodes. Cissy moves Mitch's belongings to the Snug Harbor, loudly and ostentatiously. And Bill and Freddy team up to try and get to the bottom of this "Shaun will be gone soon" pronouncement from John.

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