John From Cincinnati
His Visit: Day Three

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Someone Got Mad -- AND They Got Stabby
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Previously: Shaun Yost was miraculously healed of his broken neck thanks to the recently risen-from-the-dead parakeet belonging to nervous shut-in Bill. Shaun's dad Butchie appeared to have gone through rehab without noticing. Shaun's grandfather, Mitch, appeared to be headed toward an adulterous liaison with the cute young thing that's actually on surf-impresario Linc's payroll. Cissy presumably gargled gallons of hot lemon water to keep her pipes limber for her daily screamfests. John Monad and Kai went off to bone, and he made her see God -- yet they managed to keep their clothes on.

And...credits. What freaky musical genius is locked in the bowels of HBO? And is he or she shackled next to a freaky editing genius? Because say what you will about the show, the credits are keeping that HBO streak of awesome openings alive. (See also: Carnivàle's credit sequence, Deadwood's opening, each of the four credit sequences for The Wire, Six Feet Under's credits, Big Love's opening, and, of course, the intro for The Sopranos. ["Rome, maybe not so much." -- WC])

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