John From Cincinnati
His Visit: Day Three

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Someone Got Mad -- AND They Got Stabby

Cut to Cass appearing in Linc's hotel room door and telling him, "I threw Mitch out." Linc replies, "Good thinking," and promptly closes the door in her face. Ha! Then he sighs and looks at the wall, all, "Why must my minions be so stupid?" Then he yells a termination agreement through the door. As Linc continues to bellow, "A couple of strange things happen, you decide God's taking over for Santa, deciding who's naughty and nice, he's firing up that coal log to burn the naughty in Hell," Cass walks off. Linc opens the door to continue his tirade and is a little put out to discover that Cass has gone. We see him standing in his hotel room, looking a little lost and uncertain.

Mitch and his sack of belongings have ambled back to the homestead. He peers in through the closed screen door. Alerted by the clatter of wind chimes, Cissy comes over. Mitch asks her, "Shall we try it again?" Cissy shakes her head and asks him, "Through the door?" Mitch opens the door and steps in. Frankly, I'm disappointed in Cissy. She had enough time to get the locks changed.

Cass is making up a room divider out of the ottoman and the desk chair. She tries to explain to John that by day, it's her office, and by night, it's his sleeping area. John smiles and lays down his clean towels on the bright red armchair, the ottoman, and the desk chair. When Cass asks whether John minds sleeping on the floor, he tells her, "See God, Kai." "'Cass,'" she corrects him. "See God, Cass," he amends. Cass asks what he means, and he replies, in his parrot-voice, "Work over there." Cass kneels on the floor in her work corral. John remains standing by the bed.

We then switch to Bill's house of birds, where he is indeed fulminating on the hapless John. He then adds, "The sole change from what I said to you previous, Zip. The last overlap between me and the Yosts: Butchie asking for my help with the search. A P.S. My assistance. And then, in the concluding chapter, the final completion and finish." Zippy has had enough of this. He...telepathically conveys instructions to Bill that Bill finds "senseless and offensive." He tells Zippy, "I deal with that shitbird only to put him in bracelets, and I'm surprised you'd need me to say so." Zippy rebuts with a squawk, and Bill sighs, "Is what you envision relative to those people, I balance the Hawaiian's bad influence?" Zippy bobs. Bill replies, "That would outstrip by a full triple somersault every previous unlikely set of circumstances." Yet he heads out.

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