John From Cincinnati
His Visit: Day Three

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Someone Got Mad -- AND They Got Stabby

We next see Freddy cooling his heels in his designated spot in the parking lot. Bill pulls up, parks right next to the lawn chairs (Palaka's is empty), and hops out. Freddy sees this and grumbles that Bill's interrupted his peaceful evening. Bill comes over with "cup of joe, Winchell's assorted dozen." Mmmm, Winchell's. Why can't you come up to the Bay Area? Bill stands there awkwardly before asking, "Where's the dwarf with the dangling arm?" Freddy says that Palaka's in the bathroom. Bill says confidentially, "I'm here on orders from my bird." Freddy's straining to keep his expression indifferent, but an eyebrow shoots up of its own accord. He replies, "If you're waiting for me to ask you what you're talking about, plan on falling over dead before I do." Bill sits down and explains, "My bird Zippy conveyed to me, despite the obvious dissimilarities between us, we become friends." Despite himself, Freddy asks, "He used the word 'dissimilarities'?" Bill corrects him: "He conveyed. I never said he spoke." Freddy suggests that Zippy might have meant a different man with the same name. Bill demonstrates why it's tough for him to make friends: "You'd think that, you degenerate nitwit."

Bill and Freddy's nascent buddyship is disrupted by a blonde in a shiny red Mustang. Both men rise as the woman walks over, and she tells them, "I'm looking for Butchie Yost?" He's not there, but Freddy leers, "You, uh, care to leave a message?" No, she does not care to. As she walks off, Freddy quietly adds, "On my face? With your ass?" Bill sputters, "Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ! What my bird was thinking, to dispatch me to you, I haven't the vaguest goddamn idea." The blonde roars off. Freddy grabs a coffee and makes a stab at friendship: "I got a lizard back home who changes shapes." "Chameleons, they call 'em," Bill says enthusiastically. Freddy gives him a look, sips a coffee, and...we're out.

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