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His Visit: Day Three

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Someone Got Mad -- AND They Got Stabby

Now that the good doctor's got plenty of free time, he's decided to spend it looking for Butchie at the Snug Harbor Motel. We see Palaka and Freddy in the parking lot; Palaka's got one of those sun shields that helps you develop melanoma 50% faster than merely suntanning alone. He's saying, "'Is two days off a crime? Do I ever get to fuckin' relax?' That was you, boss, in your sleep during the night." Freddy flatly tells him, "I don't talk in my sleep." Palaka waves around his good hand to indicate that he'll believe what his boss tells him to. Then he catches sight of Dr. Smith and says excitedly, "Physician. It's that physician." Hands up, all you who think the word choice was deliberately meant to prod viewers into murmuring, "Heal thyself."

Cut to Ramon trying to clean Butchie's place. Dr. Smith comes by to ask if Butchie's around, and Ramon says, in a tone of sweet incredulity, "You didn't read the paper? That family had a miracle last night." Dr. Smith nods and says, "At the hospital. I was Shaun Yost's doctor." The rubber gloves-wearing Ramon goes to shake Smith's hand, and catches himself at the last minute; he removes his gloves and they shake hands. Ramon offers to clear out and let Dr. Smith wait for Butchie in peace. It is a measure of Dr. Smith's current state that he's all "Wait in a junkie's squalid hotel room? Sounds dandy!"

We cut to a considerably cleaner hotel room. Linc is in it, and he's incredulously saying, "In other words, you want to talk about all this strange shit going on, you're an expert in the field -- that is what I brought you in for?" Cass protests, "Okay, Linc, I get it." Linc icily replies, "If you got it, you'd still be in that room with him." Cass protests, "He went out to get a poultice for his knee." Linc says, "You should be embarrassed to have to tell me that." Cass flares, "Fuck you!" and stomps toward the door. Linc doesn't even raise an eyebrow as he replies, "The correct answer would be, 'While, you, Linc, are signing Cissy, I'm going to try to sell him on moving out of his house for good.'" As Cass leaves, we see Linc roll his eyes in the universal expression signifying "What does it TAKE to hire good, amoral henchpeople?" I loved that expression when I saw it on Stringer Bell, I loved it on Al Swearengen, and I love it here.

Meanwhile, John is with a bunch of guys who are opening flouting California's container laws. The guys pull into what appears to be a commercial landscaping outfit -- what look to be tens of thousands of dollars' worth of palm trees in their wooden containers, awaiting planting -- and drive past a gardener who is, I would guess, clearly in on whatever scheme they're about to pull with John.

And that scheme would be the "Let's rob the simple guy" number. The driver says, "John from Cincinnati, it's time to chip in. We're down to our last beer. Gas too." John has been studying the guy next to him, mirroring his tough-guy faces. The thug offers, "How about I fuck you up, vato." John gives him an amiable pat on the arm and cheerfully suggests, "How about I fuck you up?" The thug does not take this in the jovial spirit with which it was offered, and punches John. The driver flicks open his switchblade and asks, "You think this is joke, carbon?" John solemnly replies, "I think this is a joke." The driver wheels around and snarls, "I'll cut your fucking heart out." John snarls back, "Cut my fucking heart out." The driver says, "I'll show you your heart while you die." John confidently says, "Show me my heart." Desperate not to lose face in front of his gang, the driver snarls, "You ready to look, you fuck?" Still confident and unafraid, John says, "I'm ready." The driver screams in frustration, "Fuck you!" and stabs John in the leg, and then in the heart. John falls to the back of the van, still giving the driver his usual open and unsettling gaze. Frothing with rage, the driver shouts, "You stare me down? You stare me down?" Then he adds softly, "I ain't afraid to be the last thing you see." Really? So all that panicky screaming was just a front? Good to know if I'm ever in a similar situation. The other guys in the van are all, "Hey, sometimes you have to treat a total headcase like a human pincushion. Otherwise you're not a real man."

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