John From Cincinnati
His Visit: Day Three

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Someone Got Mad -- AND They Got Stabby

We cut to Linc dusting the Yosts' house. Dr. Smith lets himself in. Linc coolly says, "Shaun's surfing. Mrs. Yost's at work." Dr. Smith notes, "And you're pitching in, cleaning house." Linc channels his inner Dylan McKay: "What is this, a restricted area?" Dr. Smith humbly says, "That wouldn't be for me to say." He stretches out a hand, introducing himself as Michael Smith. Linc is not one to let slights go: "Linc Stark. We didn't introduce ourselves at the hospital when you were throwing me off the floor." Dr. Smith points out that, there, it was for him to say. Linc concedes that people need room to do their jobs, then continues, "Of course, your job's over now, am I right? Unless you get sued...negligent oversight, incompetent evaluation, emotionally damaging for the family." All the while, he's busy dusting away. I...sort of see a new market here for neat-freak masochists: a housecleaning service that will emotionally abuse you while they do your baseboards. Who wants to front me the first round of funding? Anyway, Dr. Smith guilelessly says, "I'm not here to protect my ass." Linc insincerely positions himself as the guardian of the Yosts' best interests, and pointedly says, "They don't have time for hangers-on and losers making the trip any tougher." Dr. Smith mildly asks, "Are you related to the Yosts?" Linc dusts a picture frame as he replies, "Not by blood." "Maybe you just smell it in the water," the doctor says, still deceptively mellow. Then he asks, "Which does it make me, Linc -- a loser or a hanger-on -- if I believe a miracle might have got [Shaun] well?" Linc doesn't miss a beat as he replies, "It makes you a fanatic." Dr. Smith takes his leave: "Tell Mrs. Yost and Shaun I stopped by." Linc rolls his eyes with another "I am a man under constant siege by idiots" looks as he says, "Absolutely."

Over at the Yosts' surf shop, we see Cissy as a woman under constant siege by reporters, if by "constant siege" you mean "one clumsy ruse to buy a wetsuit" and "reporters" is "one guy." And then we get the episode's token Cissy freakout. While this is going on, Shaun decides that he's not in the mood to take his friends' ribbing either.

Vietnam Joe has found John. He comes over and notices John -- feet propped together, arms stretched out, hands bloody, a wound piercing his side -- and asks, "Jesus, what happened?" John looks at him, in great and silent pain. Vietnam Joe promises that he'll be back with his truck, to get help: "I promise I'll be back for you." John chokes back a sob. (I am sort of there with him; Vietnam Joe's horrified, reflexively compassionate response made me unexpectedly verklempt.)

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John From Cincinnati




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