John From Cincinnati
His Visit: Day Three

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Someone Got Mad -- AND They Got Stabby

Bill has a knock on the door. He hollers through it, "I'm in my underwear and I don't want any magazines." Butchie hollers hello, and Bill dramatically whispers, "That's Butch!" right before he flings open the door...and notices Kai standing there too. Bill blusters, "Well, my testicles are on display to the neighborhood. Get in here!"

Kai and Butchie hustle in, and Butchie fills Bill in on John's disappearance. Bill asks where Shaun is, explaining, "In relation to that guy going missing, when was the last time you saw your son?" Butchie uncomprehendingly says, "Last night." In the background, Kai is finally calling in to work. She needn't have bothered; Cissy doesn't appear to have missed her. Bill notes Kai's conscientousness and asks, "She's got a couple of brains -- what's she doing with you?" Butchie gives him a look, all, "Don't even start." Bill confirms that John didn't abduct Shaun. He then asks, "Now this John who is missing -- and not a pervert -- what else do you know about him?" That he's a slightly better-dressed version of Zippy the parrot? Butchie and Kai walk over by the stairs -- where Butchie points upstairs and mimes the universal symbol for "dead," explaining what happened to Lois -- while fielding Bill's inquiries. Bill comes out, clothed, and says, "That would raise the question of mental health." Both Kai and Butchie guiltily back away from the bubble-wrapped stairs. Anyway, a few sentences later, Bill has volunteered himself to join in the search for John.

Oh, good, more of the Metaphysical Minute With Mitch show. After Cass comes in, he asks, "What do you think [about] my levitation?" Cass claims she doesn't know. Mitch was not really interested in an answer; he was interested in an opening, which is why he plows ahead: "You feel, over the years, that maybe something about you is special. And you assume, I guess, that the thing that's special has to do with what you're good at...and now, maybe it turns out I go up in the air, Shaun heals, and maybe all along, this feeling of being special wasn't about athletics or years of spiritual discipline. Maybe it's about family." Cass does not reply, "The same one you bailed out on?" Instead, she asks if Mitch would like to stay in the hotel room, rather than rejoining said family. Mitch continues musing: his theory appears to be something along the lines that he and Shaun are the next iteration of Homo sapiens sapiens, Butchie is good only for having introduced "joker in the deck" John to this situation, and yes, he'd certainly love to shack up in the hotel for a while: "Just 'til we get this all kind of figured out." Cass can barely conceal her disgust at this, and quickly stammers, "I wonder if the store's open yet, where you can go get your poultice."

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