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Previously on John from Hamilton County: Linc tried to convince the Yosts to let Shaun enter the contest at Huntington and succeeded and then dispatched his beautiful henchwoman to make eyes at Mitch. Freddy the Drug Dealer flew in from Hawaii to have a frank exchange of views with mercilessly pummel Butchie. Cunningham declared that the Snug Harbor Motel was haunted and apparently not in a rollicking Disney's Haunted Mansion kind of way. Oh, and Shaunie broke his neck during the surfing competition and was declared brain dead -- at least until that parrot he brought back to life last week revived him with a peck on the cheek. So yeah -- pretty much a run-of-the-mill evening of television.

Opening credits. Don't you know about the bird? Well, everybody knows that the bird is the word. Or Jesus. Quite possibly Jesus.

The folks who were still standing in the hospital at the end of last week's episode -- Cissy, Butchie, and the sad-eyed doctor on one end of the room, John and Kai by the restroom, Linc sort of hovering about without anyone to pal around with -- when Bill slinks out of the room where everyone assumes Shaun is still vegetating. "He's much improved -- Shaun," Bill says in what is quite possibly the biggest understatement since "I think we're gonna need a bigger boat." Dr. Sad Eyes immediately heads into Shaun's room while Bill continues to chronicle his treatment regimen: "I had Zippy kiss him. I thought I'd take a shot." It is to the credit of everyone's superhuman restraint -- or a sign that everyone is used to Bill spouting nonsense -- that they just stare at him blankly as he details how a parrot was able to bring a brain dead boy back to life.

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