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Via cell phone, Linc is debriefing Cass about her interaction with Mitch this morning, and not liking what he's hearing vis-à-vis the run in with Kai. "She's like the kid's second mother," scolds Linc, who is distressed that Kai saw Cass hit on Mitch. "You know, Linc," Cass says wearily, "I actually do make films." "That's the trick," Linc says, sinisterly. "That's what you're supposed to make her think you're here for." You know, as far as tricks go, that doesn't seem terribly tricky. OK, so we send this not-unattractive documentary filmmaker to see Mitch Yost… "Okay." And she asks to make a documentary about him… "Uh huh." And then she does! "Love it! Dylan McKay, you magnificently devious bastard!" It's not exactly tricking a widow out of the deed to her land, that's what I'm getting at here. Oh, this cell phone conversation Linc and Cass are having? It's taking place on opposite sides of the street. They are really wasting cell phone minutes.

Inside the surf shop, Kai is placing a furtive call to Butchie, letting him know about Mitch's inexplicable change of heart in matters surf-contest related. And hey, maybe, your son would like it, too, if you were to make the trip to Huntington, assuming you're not to busy copping drugs or showing your rich, weirdo friend around town. Kai hangs up just as Cass enters the surf shop, ostensibly to make nice. If Kai's line of questioning is any indication -- "Did you get Mitch in your Porsche? Show him how the gearbox worked?" -- she's not going to have much luck. "I make movies," Cass protests. Yes, so you keep saying. But what kind of movies? Reputable documentaries I might be able to catch on, say, the Sundance Channel? Or horrific exploitation flicks -- How I Did Linc Stark's Bidding, Vol. 1 and titles to that effect? I'm not judging here. I'm just trying to calibrate my expectations. Anyhow, Kai mentions that Shaun and the rest of the Yosts are headed up to Huntington for the big surf competition. Cass says that she'll probably go, and Kai volunteers she'll go, too, even though her message to Butchie explicitly said she wasn't planning on going. It's so sweet when the help gets all over-protective.

The Yosts drive up to Huntington. Mitch looks resigned. Cissy looks alternately grim and pleased. Shaun smiles contentedly. Mr. Sobell wonders if it's 108 miles between Imperial Beach and Huntington, as Google Maps claims, then how come everyone always takes surface roads on this show and not, say Interstate 5? Riddle me that, John from Cincinnati?

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