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Drawing The Line

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Drawing The Line

Halls of Justice. Amy lets MHM keep the kid, because she's trying hard to be a good mother. MHM tells Amy that she's "a very good judge." Bruce smiles. I think Amy Brenneman was trying to looked pleased, but all we got was sort of shell-shocked.

In the halls of the Halls of Justice, Amy catches up with Donna and tells her not to dress like her anymore. Donna agrees. That was easy.

Maxine goes to see Chip. He's been crying, and tells her he never wants to see her again. She says he needs to talk to someone, that what happened with Kumbaya was not love. He weepily tells her to shut up. He starts to bawl and goes inside the house. Maxine looks sad and just stands there. Damn, Chip is not a bad actor. Who'd-a thunk it?

Maxine gets home to find Vincent babysitting. She tries to make my bowl of steaming love soup something to eat, but Vincent will have none of it. He leaves. Maxine tells him goodnight, falteringly. He doesn't budge an inch, wishes her a chilly good evening, and bails. Maxine looks, again, sad, and, again, just stands there.

In the classroom, Amy is still sucking as a teacher. She finally loses it and gets bitchy and mean and snaps at a student, and lo and behold, the kids start to like her! She puts down the note cards and starts what, I suppose, is supposed to be an engaging lecture. Blah, blah, blah, the students adore her and her sassy ways! She's so clever! She's so funny! She's so inspiring! This was the most awkwardly acted scene I've ever seen Amy Brenneman do. In her defense, this is a really poorly written episode. And this scene was the worst. I won't even go into the "the law is a living thing" speech. Or the "the family is the cornerstone of civilization" bit. Gawd.

Back at the Ranch, Maxine is brushing her hair and feeling guilty. She picks up the phone to call Vincent. She hangs it up. She picks it up again and dials. The machine picks up. She says, "Vincent. I was wrong." And hangs up. At the Rancherito, Vincent listens to his mother. "I love you too, Mom," he says. And then my icy mug of man beer goes to the fridge and gets out a can of Guinness. Yup, that's my boy.

And then I rewind to see who wrote this episode. Lyla Oliver and Randall Caldwall, what were you smoking?

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