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Drawing The Line

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Drawing The Line

Halls of Justice. Mentally Handicapped Mom case. Failure to thrive. Not malicious. Iron deficiency. Baby developmentally on scale. MHM was worried that she wasn't doing a good job, and when some women at the market told her the baby was too fat, she stopped feeding her. Amy smiles encouragingly at MHM. I pop a couple of these red pills, and a few of these pretty green ones, and two or three blue ones.

Maxine visits Kumbaya. She tells her that Chip seems to think he and Kumbaya have some kind of "special" relationship. Kumbaya smiles patronizingly and says, "It's called transference." Instead of saying "transfer this, bitch," Maxine just smiles tightly back at Kumbaya. Kumbaya spins this whole long reasoning about the transference deal, and tells Maxine, again, that she, Maxine, isn't qualified to make any call on the success or failure of Chip's therapy whatsoever. Maxine smoothes her hair and looks away. You know she's trying to figure out how hard she can smack Kumbaya and still keep her job. Kumbaya tells Maxine that when she first met Chip, he had "similar delusions" about Maxine. Maxine raises her eyebrows. Kumbaya reads from a file, saying that Chip told her that Maxine said that he, Chip, was the kind of son she always wanted. Maxine sputters that she said no such thing. Kumbaya smiles smugly, because that proves her point.

Amy meets Leesha at a restaurant. Leesha thinks it was, like, so totally healthy of them to meet, and she blathers for fifteen minutes about "the modern family" and yadda yadda yadda, Lauren is a great kid, and so on and so forth and ass-kissing ad nauseam. And then Leesha tells Amy that "Michael said your marriage was like the Hindenburg, which I guess was like a pretty big disaster." Amy looks sick. Isn't it refreshing how this show tackles stereotypes and just lays them to waste? This is such a balanced portrait of the ex-wife and the girlfriend. So, then Amy and Leesha turn on one another and bicker about Lauren and the ear piercing, and being a part of Lauren's life, and being a parent and getting the last word, and, well, meeee-oww.

DCF. Chip comes barreling through the door, furious at Maxine because Kumbaya told him she can no longer be his therapist. Maxine tells him that he has an "unrealistic idea of the nature of [their] relationship." Chip's face falls. "She said that?" he asks. Maxine tells Chip gently that he romanticized his relationship with Kumbaya. Chip tells Maxine that Kumbaya told him that she loved him. Maxine looks concerned. Chip elaborates, saying that Kumbaya told him "it wasn't just about sex." Maxine asks him what he means. Chip repeats himself angrily. Maxine, shocked, can not believe that Chip and his therapist got busy. Chip, very conveniently, saved a bunch of love letters from Kumbaya. He hands them to Maxine and demands that she tell him he imagined it all now. Maxine looks perturbed. Wow, for a leader in her field, Kumbaya is pretty dumb, writing letters to the fifteen-year-old boy she's supposed to be counseling. But the writers are clever, hoo boy! I've never heard of an older woman, well known in the community and respected in her field, having sex with a much younger boy, one who is in her care. Like, Mary Kay LeTourneau, much, writers? ["Or Ta-MAH-ra Jacobs?" -- Sars]

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Judging Amy




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