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Drawing The Line

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Drawing The Line

Back at the Ranch, Maxine is rereading the Chip/Kumbaya love letters when my hot cup of love choco enters looking for Amy, who is "up and gone." Vincent pouts that they were "supposed to go running." Maxine is short with him as she peruses the letters. Vincent takes off his cap and rubs his head and asks to talk to Maxine about what she said about his article. Maxine tells him she doesn't have time for "a dressing down." I'll tell you who I'd like to dress down...again, that sounds dirty, but makes very little sense. I'm sorry. The lust affects my brain. Vincent says that he'll "be brief." I know whose briefs I'd like to...damn. I have no end for that sentence. Vincent informs Maxine he likes his job, he doesn't think it's "ignoble," and that while he doesn't need her approval, he'd appreciate it if she didn't go out of her way to "run [him] down." Maxine tells him she's sick of all the changes around the house, and gets really worked up about things in general, and works herself into wondering if there is such a thing as a "moral choice anymore." Vincent leans against the counter and tells her that's a rhetorical question. She snaps that it isn't, that he's young and "invested in the future." She asks him to tell her if "the civilization is intact, or it's just a free-for-all?" Vincent stands up straight and tells his mother that moral choices are simple, and personal, and "they add up. Little things, like admitting when you're wrong." He raises one eyebrow, and gives Maxine a dirty look, and walks out of the room. Oh, burn.

Thank God Bruce is back in his usual turtleneck and slacks. He's lovely. Amy eats a donut. She complains -- surprise, surprise -- about her crappy life. Bruce says that whenever he thinks he's having a bad day, he remembers that the very day Winston Churchill became Prime Minister, his aides woke him up in the middle of the night to tell him that the Nazis had invaded France. In other words, things could be a whole hell of a lot worse, Princess.

The police, under the direction of one Maxine Grey, burst into Kumbaya's office. That is so not going to help the mental health of the poor patient whose appointment they interrupted. Kumbaya sputters, and Maxine gives her the dirtiest of dirty looks. Kumbaya picks up the phone to call her lawyer and actually utters the line, "Do you know who I am?" Maxine and I roll our eyes. Maxine says Kumbaya is "a statutory rapist." Kumbaya tells Maxine that if she believes Chip's tale, she's the deranged one. Maxine calmly says that she read Kumbaya's letters. Kumbaya puts down the phone. Maxine continues, telling Kumbaya that she turned the letters over to the authorities. Busted!

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Judging Amy




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