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Human Touch

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Human Touch

Halls of Justice: OCD Case. An OCD expert testifies that Brody is mentally ready to raise his daughter. Brody grins nervously. Ian yawns.

Back at DCF, Maxine has told Susie "I Am Not a Crook" Nixon about the situation with the Evanses. Susie tells Maxine to lie to Mr. Bellamy about the discrenpancy, because the Evanses are a good foster family, and they need to be rewarded for all the times they've bailed DCF out at the last minute. She tells Maxine to tell Bellamy that she, Maxine, was mistaken. Oh, like that's going to happen.

Carolyn Brody, the child in question in the OCD trial, is being questioned in Amy's chambers. She tells Amy she doesn't even know where her biological father lives. She's never seen him in person, only in pictures. Amy asks her if she's like to see him -- because he's right outside. Carolyn looks apprehensive, and stunned, but tells Amy with a lump in her throat, that she would. Bruce -- lines so far? ONE -- lets Brody into chambers. From all the way across the room, Brody tells Carolyn how pretty she is. She asks if she can hug him, and he hesitantly agrees. He takes his hand out of his pockets, and reveals that he is still wearing gloves. Amy gently suggests that he take them off -- which he does, extremely reluctantly. The little girl throws her arms around her father, but while he tells her that he loves her, and seems to be thrilled by the fact that they're touching for the first time, he doesn't really hug her back. Instead, he reacts the way someone would if they were being hugged while their hands were covered with paint -- he never actually touches her with him. He gets all misty as Carolyn squeezes him and tells him not to worry. Amy has to look away.

Maxine tells Mr. Bellamy that Susie told her to lie to him. Bellamy informs her that there has been a total surplus of $15,000 paid out, which constitutes fraud. Maxine tells him that the Evanses have been sending back the excess every month. Bellamy --- no dummy, he -- hypothesizes that someone has registered a numbered company, called it DCF and cashes the check for themselves. Gee, I wonder who could have done such a thing? Bellamy says they can find out if that's been done, as long as the company is registered in Connecticut. Maxine puts on her Nancy Drew face.

Halls of Justice; OCD case. Amy says that while both men have the ability to adequately act as Carolyn's parent, the law gives preference to blood relatives. Brody looks pleased. However, (knew that was coming, didn't you?), all things considered, Amy feels that Brody won't be able to handle the dirtiness and germs that naturally come with children. "Sometimes, what a skinned knee need most," she tells him, "is a kiss." She gives Capono guardianship, but grants Brody visitation rights. Sounds right to me.

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Judging Amy




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