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Near Death Experience

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Near Death Experience

In the courtroom, Chetwind testifies about his cruddy childhood, his past of physical and sexual abuse, and his lack of a father figure. It comes out that Chetwind didn't actually shoot Jennifer Marquadt, but that he was just in the car with the shooters. He says he's sorry about what happened, and he reads a statement he's prepared, which basically says he's bummed about the whole thing and he didn't know anyone was going to get shot and he feels bad. Everyone in the courtroom looks pensive.

Vincent is doing his laundry in Maxine's basement. They banter about updating her appliances, and Vincent brats passive-aggressively that he wishes everyone would let the whole "getting shot" thing drop. He starts to have a miniature breakdown as he explains that he can't sleep, or write, or go back to the grocery store, and he just wants his life to go back to normal. He proceeds to kick the hell out of the washer. He tells Maxine that he had a moment at the police station when he wanted to let the shooter go, so that it would be as if the entire thing had never happened, that he doesn't even know if he did the right thing, because he doesn't know what "the right thing" is anymore. Maxine reminds him of a time he almost died at the beach, when a sand tunnel collapsed on him and the lifeguards had to drag him out, and muses that, at that moment, she felt like she didn't know "a damn thing about life." She tells him that maybe they're not supposed to make sense of what happens in life, but instead just appreciate what they have. She starts to do Vincent's laundry, which snaps him out of his pensive gazing into space. He tells her that he's "twenty-eight years old" (A-HA! Now we know!) and can do his own laundry. Maxine gets snappish and tells Vincent that she "almost lost [him] and [she'd] like to do [his] laundry!" He gives her the detergent and a kiss on the check and goes upstairs. Maxine cries into one of his plaid flannel shirts. Good acting in this scene, by both Tyne Daly and my man Dan Futterman.

In the Halls of Justice, Amy sends Chetwind to DCF. She's sickened by the fact that people are getting killed in her hometown, and she's disappointed by the defense in this case. She explains that Chetwind's testimony was that of a person who is still a child, despite his age. She says that nothing she can do can bring Jennifer Marquadt back, but that she has to punish the criminal while maintaining some hope for rehabilitation -- something that won't happen in jail. The Marquadts cry and rend their hair and get right in Amy's face. Bruce tries to head them off at the pass, but Mrs. Marquadt demands that Amy look her in the eye. Amy does. Bruce looks pensive. Mrs. Marquadt weeps. Amy leaves. I pound the remainder of the Hooch.

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Judging Amy




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