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Previously on Survivor, Rob and Kathy agreed not to "stab" each other as ambassadors for the merge. They also agreed upon a hot pink flag. What were they thinking? Kathy got paranoid, then got immunity. Sean punched his fist and yelled at John, Zoe did a lot of backpedaling, and then Rob was voted off. Nine remain.

A haggard-looking, night-vision Paschal carries a lantern. The tribe stands around the fire, and Tammy says that it's a "somber" mood because they had to vote somebody out, but condescends to the others about being on the jury being a "huge accomplishment" and they should all feel really proud of themselves. Neleh and Kathy both feel "great," while Paschal feels "wonderful, wonderful." In a confessional, Vecepia tells us that she pulled Rob aside previous to the Tribal Council and revealed that she was going to vote for him. She wanted him to hear it directly from her, because they'd had an agreement "at one time"; she says he was okay about her vote. Now the tribe turns in for the night while Neleh blabs about the weather. They spoon as Zoe explains in an interview that since Rob's departure, it's been much more peaceful around camp. She says there are no more worries that some "wise-ass remark" will be made and set off a new fight. That, and now there's no one left to call her out for being a liar.

Sean enters the tent where the others are sleeping with a t-shirt tied around his head. He dons socks while the others want to know who farted. He owns up to it and then says, "Excuse me. That was the first fart that actually had substance in it." The others laugh uncomfortably. In a voice-over Robert tells us that the island diet has played havoc with Sean's intestinal system and he has a "little flatulence problem." Robert is fortunate because he sleeps "upwind" of Sean at the other end of the tent. Sean apologizes to the others, and claims that he thought he'd left enough time to air the fart out. In an interview Kathy says that Sean will most likely be the next one voted off because he doesn't work hard, he complains, and he farts a lot. Hee. I was thinking that the editors had juxtaposed this segment with her confessional to make it look like the other members of the tribe were voting him off because he farts a lot, and as it turns out, they actually are voting him off for that very reason. Sean farts again and grins that he's just "messin' with everybody else." He also may or may not be just "messin'" in his pants. In any case, Tammy wants him to take it elsewhere. Sean tells us in an interview that he's playing the game exactly how he planned to, because, "if you're true to yourself, that's the true game of life." He says the only thing that has changed for him during Survivor is his attitude, whatever that means. Now it's daytime and Sean gleefully moans; he wants everyone to know how happy he is because he's just farted again. This is accompanied by a "fart" sound effect. Sean outstretches both arms and exclaims, "I can pass gas and feel free as a bird!" Now it's nighttime again and they're back in the tent. We, however, are outside the tent and hearing different verbal expressions from within regarding Sean's intestinal distress: coughing, gagging, laughing, and various "Sean!"s. The segment concludes with Sean saying he's got "some nasty ass."

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