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Afterward, Grant is drinking more scotch in a bar. Still daytime, by the way. Detective Walsh comes in and tells Grant to make sure Walsh doesn't go on the stand, because Walsh finds it "insulting." He brings up the insurance case and really does a number on poor Grant's self-esteem, talking about his reputation and how he hasn't won a court case in years. Grant sinks into his sad self and assures Walsh that they'll settle in the insurance case and that Grant will make sure Skip doesn't call Walsh to that stand. Walsh then says that, after the trial, he wants Grant to "fire that little bastard." This Walsh guy is a pretty effective villain, though contrived. He finds it "insulting" to go on the stand? Really?

Back at Grant's office, it's night, and Skip is working on the brief. Grant comes stumbling in. He tells Skip that they are pulling out of Paradise's case. Skip freaks out and berates Grant for not reading any of the case work pertaining to Paradise, concluding by lecturing, "Justice is supposed to be blind, Grant, not the attorneys." Grant tells Skip not to lecture him: "My God, it must be a pain in the ass to be right all the time." It is, Skip lets us know. People don't like you and you don't impress women. I don't suppose your gawkiness or pseudo-Woody Allen-speak have anything to do with your not impressing women, huh? It's because you know everything. I'm just gonna have to let that sink in for a moment.... Skip brings up Leonard Debbs and says that they should be fighting for Paradise like Grant fought for Debbs back then. Grant sadly says that he learned from the Debbs trial that you shouldn't try to fight, because the system will crush you. Oh my God, they're having a Daniel-son and Miyagi moment. Then, Grant says that Skip can do whatever he wants to in the trial, but that Grant's done. Then, he leaves.

It's the courtroom again. Only Skip and Paradise are on their side. I thought Grant meant that he was metaphorically checking out, but I guess he meant he'd actually be out. I'm going to take this moment to comment on Paradise's wardrobe. It's really nice. Her hair? Perfect layers. Her makeup? Expert. I have a really hard time believing that a girl like her would end up in a situation like this, with the drug dealer boyfriend and hanging out in crack dens and all. And, not because she's pretty. She's also so immaculately put together. And, again, I don't mean she just knows how to make herself look good. Her outfit and makeup and haircut are the model of elegance and restraint. I do not believe that a girl with the sense to keep such long layers perfectly clipped and conditioned would allow herself to be in this kind of predicament. And, I know that people on trial try to dress to impress a jury, but Grant doesn't care and Skip probably doesn't even pick out his own clothes yet, much less some pretty girl's. He'd probably pick out a halter-top and thong. Skip decides to question Detective Walsh. Ooh, Walsh looks so insulted. Skip asks Walsh why no fingerprints were taken or other forensic tests performed. Walsh says that they were unnecessary because Paradise was holding the murder weapon. Skip points out that she was found without any blood on her, despite the fact that, since the knife wound was made in an upward motion, she should have been covered in it. Also, none of the other people who were in the house on the night of the raid were questioned. Skip then announces that Paradise is lying to protect someone. As well, he tells the judge that he has a witness who will testify under oath that Kem committed the murder. Skip asks Walsh whether he knows Kem, and Walsh says he doesn't recall, at which point Skip provides the court with a record of two occasions on which Walsh himself arrested Kem. Now, I know that this show is trying to make a case for the LAPD's corruption, but all I see is laziness. Is laziness the same as corruption? In that case, the girl who checked me out at the supermarket yesterday was so fucking corrupt, because it took her like five minutes to ring me up and all I had was some peaches and a Fresca. And, she didn't even smile. What is Walsh doing with his time, anyway? He'll follow Grant into some dive bar and berate him just because he doesn't want to answer a few questions? It seems like a lot of trouble to go to avoid a little work. What did Walsh think this job would be anyway? There are a lot of jobs easier than being a police detective. I just feel like the LAPD is a pretty easy target, but that this show is not making a good case for their being the bad guys. Meanwhile, Grant is drinking again in that bar. Okay, I'm feeling a new drinking game developing: Drink with Grant. Sound good?

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