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Paradise is having a visit with Kem. The point-of-view is Skip's, as he watches the visit from behind Kem. The only words of Kem and Paradise's conversation that can be understood are, "You gotta keep your mouth shut." Hmm, maybe that's a message from her dentist -- advice about living with wired-shut jaws.

After Kem leaves menacingly, Skip talks to Paradise as she gets dressed for court. He plays "hiding my eyes when I really want to look" while telling her that he can't let her lie to protect Kem. She says that she will not say Kem is the killer, and that Skip has to think of something else. This show is all about people just saying the opposite of whatever Skip says.

Grant shows up at the courthouse and apologizes to Skip, who tells Grant that Kem has gotten to Paradise. Grant then returns to his old form and lambastes Skip for allowing Kem to talk to Paradise in the first place. Skip is unsure whether he should put Paradise on the stand. Grant says that he gave up trials to avoid making decisions like that.

Skip puts Paradise on the stand. ClenchJaw is totally uncooperative. She didn't see the murder. She says that she lied when she confessed to it. When Skip asks, she says that Kem didn't kill the dead guy. Skip points out that she just said she didn't see the murder, so how could she know? During the prosecution's cross-examination, the prosecutor pulls out an ugly denim jacket as evidence. Skip objects because he had never seen the jacket, but the prosecutor says that it's on the evidence list. Paradise, upon questioning, says that the jacket is hers. Skip suddenly stands and requests that Paradise try on the jacket. He says that it doesn't belong to Paradise (which I believe, because previous experience has told me she has lovely taste in clothing) and that "if it doesn't fit, the jury must--" Thank you, Judge Abrahams, for stopping that. She doesn't, however, permit Skip's motion for Paradise to try on the jacket.

Outside, Skip laments ever letting Paradise take the stand. He had seen the denim jacket on the evidence list, but had thought that it was the victim's jacket. Newbie mistake. It would suck to be responsible for someone's execution because some drunken guy didn't want to help you. Grant tells Skip that he didn't quit: "That's something." Tell that to Leonard Debbs. Grant asks Skip why he wanted Paradise to try on the jacket. Skip says that it wouldn't fit, pulling out a picture of Paradise and her sister. Her sister is wearing the jacket. And, we all know how rare it is that sisters might wear the same clothing.

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