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Daytime, back at the bar, Detective Walsh is tossing them back. He's so insulted about taking the stand. Grant enters and tells Walsh that Paradise is innocent, but Walsh says he doesn't care. Grant counters that they need to call a mistrial or investigate more, but Walsh is not having it. They have an arrangement: Grant convinces people to plead out on cases, and Walsh sends him "car crashes," thereby giving Walsh wins and Grant money. "This client isn't guilty," says Grant, and Walsh announces that Paradise wouldn't be the first innocent person out of whom Grant procured a confession. Grant walks away as Walsh laughs a maniacal, end-of-the-scene kind of laugh. But wait, it's not the end of the scene. Grant turns with his soon-to-be classic roundhouse and knocks Walsh off his stool. "We're not on the same side anymore," Grant says to bleeding-lipped Walsh. "We're not supposed to be." Then, he's outta there.

Back at the courthouse, Skip confronts Paradise. He concludes that her sister committed the murder. She confirms it, telling Skip that her sister had come to the crack den for a party and was manhandled by the dead guy. She grabbed the massive hunting knife/murder weapon to protect herself and accidentally killed him. Paradise absolutely refuses to "snitch on [her] sister." Apparently, Paradise's sister has a "chance." Again, finding it hard to believe that the second coming of Grace Kelly here couldn't get it together enough to enroll in junior college or something. Skip tells Paradise that she's a terrific person and that he doesn't want her to be convicted. Paradise asks if Skip could please come up with something else. From the back, Grant says, "I will." That would seriously compromise attorney-client privilege if that hadn't been Grant. And, what's with Paradise's lack of peripheral vision? For someone who lives on the edge, she is not that good at watching out for herself.

Back in the courtroom, Grant is giving the final statements. He looks really nervous. His argument, essentially, is that Skip may be totally inadequate as a trial attorney, but that even he has proven reasonable doubt. He points out that the police investigation was woefully inadequate and that although Skip is "no Johnnie Cochran, he did enough." It's fairly convincing. In fact, there are a few moments when I'm kind of impressed by Don Johnson, like when he's talking about all of the bad stuff you see when you practice law and how it can break your heart. He ends repeating Skip's thing about justice being blind, not the attorneys. Skip smiles, and there's happy violin music.

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