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Back at the office, Grant is icing the hand with which he hit Walsh. I guess it didn't bother him earlier in court. At all. He tells Skip that he settled something "out of court." He's working on the insurance case. Skip offers to help, but Grant says it's no use because he should have started months ago. Skip suggests that they start trying to win. That's kind of sweet.

Back in the courtroom, the decision is ready: Paradise is found not guilty. Grant and Skip are elated. Judge Abrahams congratulates Paradise, but informs her that she finds Paradise guilty. "For wha?" chime Grant and Skip in unison. Judge Abrahams tells us that Paradise was under probation at the time of arrest and trial (she had pleaded guilty to a burglary that Kem committed a year ago. Seriously, this girl has major priority-importance misappropriation issues) and hiding a murder weapon and giving a false confession are in giganto violation of that probation. The judge sentences Paradise to ten years in prison, which seems severe. Then, she says that the sentence is suspended with stay-aways and weekly reporting to probation through her lawyers. I have a feeling Judge Abrahams is trying to play cupid with Skip and Paradise, since this keeps them together for up to a decade. If Skip hasn't figured it out by then, he never will. Wait a second. He'll be twenty-nine? That's actually just about right. Good luck, kids.

Grant and Skip are walking past their office when Skip stops. He says he's going upstairs to start working on Paradise's sentencing appeal. Before he's gotten away, Grant is griping that she doesn't have an appeal, but Skip's already off to work. Now, this I don't get. According to the implied philosophy of this show, laziness makes a corrupt cop and a normal lawyer, but appealing a ten-year prison sentence is not, like, a crazy thing to expect from your lawyer. Right? Not doing the bare minimum doesn't make you some sort of activist. Grant doesn't let it get to him. He walks into the Santa Monica din, reaffirmed as a vital attorney and...puts on his sunglasses. I thought it would be something important, but, no, it's just that. He puts on sunglasses and walks away as the New Radicals ask me why I'm "trippin'." Don't get me started.

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