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Bait And Switch

...as inside, Yolo tries to crawl over to his guns, but Bob, amid animalistic grunts, keeps grabbing at him from behind, causing Yolo in turn to flail wildly, knocking the guns off the table. Raylan gets out of the truck and hears a gunshot; when he enters, Yolo is lying dead (I hate when the hot ones die so quickly), with Bob, barely conscious, on top of him. Raylan gets a call from Art, who wants to know if Bob gave them up, but Bob tells Raylan he said nothing. Art informs Raylan that the Tonin copter just took off in his direction, so he needs to get the hell out of there. Raylan asks Bob if he can walk, but Bob says maybe Raylan should carry him, and Raylan, unsurprisingly given what just happened, looks like it'd be his pleasure. After all, they only have to go far enough to GET IN THE TRUCK!

After an establishing shot of a freight train, we hear its whistle in the distance as Raylan and Bob arrive at the school and Raylan asks Bob, "Drewbacca, huh?" Hee. Elsewhere, noting that Rachel's checking the time, Shelby tells her it's 5:30 -- the coal train's whistle indicates that. Not interested in a discussion of the Harlan institutions by which you can set your watch, Rachel tells him the helicopter will be there in fifteen minutes, and Shelby stoically replies that by six, he'll either be in the air or in heaven, "if that's the direction I'm headed, which I doubt." Rachel assures him he'll be in the air, and then, in response to an inquiring code whistle from Raylan, calls that they're good. Seeing Bob's face, Rachel asks what happened, and the sympathetic look on her face is a good indication of how messed up he looks, but Raylan merely replies, "What happened is Bob's a tough son of a bitch." Shelby gives up his chair, and I'm surprised there are no words exchanged between him and Bob given their apparent history, but they all have bigger concerns at the moment, as they hear a nearby chopper that they know can't be theirs.

Raylan sighs that they don't know how many men they're dealing with or how far they're willing to go -- they could bust through the windows, for example -- and while they could split up and put someone at every corner, there are four corners and only three of them. I'm no siege tactician, but I'm doubt even four of them could effectively defend every potential entrance, not to mention I'm not sure Bob can even see past his facial swelling at the moment, but this is all in aid of Shelby telling Raylan he can have four people if he likes -- he's capable of being the man he's seemed to be all this time, and given that this isn't the first time Shelby's talked this way, I think the question of whether he's become a good man may be answered once and for all by season's end. Raylan asks what Shelby's thinking, so he suggests they go to the roof "and pick off any who dare approach." Seems like a tall order against an air assault, given their limited weaponry, but Raylan asks if he's better with a rifle or a shotgun. Shelby tells him either is fine, thanks, whereupon Raylan stops indulging him and tells Rachel that this is Shelby's angle. He "informs" Shelby that he's a criminal, and he's on the other side from them. "Now I don't like arguin' with you, but I ain't handin' you a goddamn gun." It's too bad Raylan and Shelby won't have more time to spend together, because their relationship could be fascinatingly complex; among other things, Shelby can give Raylan insight into Arlo without actually being Arlo, almost like a far less disappointing and abusive father figure. But again, there are more pressing concerns to worry about, as Rachel asks about Tim and Art, and Raylan tells her they're still trapped...

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