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Bait And Switch

...but not for long, as Tim is preparing a Molotov cocktail with which he plans to detonate the explosives in one of the cars from a safe distance. Art remarks that he hasn't seen one of those "since that Guns 'n' Roses concert in 1989," as if I needed any more reasons to wish for an Art prequel.

Back at the school, Raylan sets Bob up in an office and says he's going to go have a word with the enemy. He gives Bob "Yoda's" gun (hee, and after "Drewbacca" you can't blame him for going to the Star Wars franchise) and tells him not to shoot unless he has to. Bob asks for clarification on that point, getting this reply: "You see you're gonna die if you don't? Pull the trigger." Sound enough advice. With a grin, he tells Bob to stay frosty and then walks to the stairway and asks if that's Boyd. From below, we see that it is indeed, accompanied by an armed Picker, and after they take up a camera-friendly position around the turn of the stairs from each other, the three of them chat for a bit, with Raylan showing he followed along with Boyd's thought process by asking the name of "that astronaut." Heh.

Picker gets impatient with Raylan and Boyd trying to out-drawl each other, so Boyd asks Raylan if he won't hand Shelby over to "these... well, I won't say 'nice' people" (hee) and save them both a whole lot of trouble. Raylan, I'm sure you'll be surprised to hear, isn't so much amenable to this idea, and warns them that not only is he not giving them Shelby, but any further progression on their part will result in them having "a bad afternoon." He invites them to come back with more men, promising that he won't be hard to find, and after he withdraws, Picker tells Boyd that if Raylan wants "Butch and Sundance," he'll get it. Boyd sighs that Raylan is usually "a little more fair-minded," and I'm not sure I'd agree with that, but either way, a showdown has been promised. Upstairs, Raylan rejoins Bob and tells him he probably bought them about five minutes, but then they'll have to deal with a lot more people. Bob decides that in that case, he'd better make some pre-death speech, but Raylan tells him not to, and Bob doesn't press the issue. Fair enough -- if Bob dies, it seems pretty unlikely that Raylan won't go with him.

Back on the road, Tim is bitching about "four cars and not one goddamn cigarette lighter that isn't being used to charge a goddamn cell phone." Heh. Welcome to the modern world, Tim. Art can't believe that none of them smoke, either: "This is Kentucky, not Sausalito. What's wrong with you people?" As we'll see, this is just another reason why Ava should be kept around, which I already felt on general principles. Tim, however, proves that he'd be a good Survivor contestant in producing a spark by grinding metal on metal, and with the cocktail lit, there's a funny back-and-forth about who's going to throw it before Art heaves the thing and strikes pay dirt, which is why he gets paid the medium-sized bucks. The gas burns for several seconds without anything happening, and Art starts to get to his feet, but Tim warns him not to. Thinking the errand has failed, Art sighs and starts talking, but of course you can't say the word "explosion" on TV without immediately causing one, and the car duly goes up in a pretty impressive fireball that, among other things, shows Tim was right to be cautious here.

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