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Bait And Switch

With their way unblocked, the marshals waste no time in getting back in their vehicles and making to take flight, and Colton tells Mort they should do the same -- until he claims to spot Shelby. Mort takes aim but doesn't see him, and after Colton tells him where to look, he impatiently grabs the gun and lines up a shot himself -- only to tell Mort that he was right before shooting him dead. And I wonder if Colton is going off-book here or if he and Boyd had discussed this eventuality -- the latter seems much more likely -- but just as much, I wonder if the writers were having etymological fun by naming a doomed character "Mort."

Back at the bar, Ava asks Augustine if she can get him anything, and proceeds to chat gregariously about how she's going to have a smoke, even though she hasn't indulged in some time. Augustine remains silent, but after she lights up, Ava keeps babbling about smoking and its effects until Augustine asks her why she's talking. Simultaneously recognizing that this is dangerous ground and being offended by his aggressive tone, Ava chooses to remain silent, but Augustine isn't done, asking her how many dicks one needs to suck to get to the top of the food chain there. Given how awful he's being, it's just as well he doesn't have the ammunition of knowing about the sex parties on Clover Hill. It's not worth recapping in its entirety, so let's just say Augustine uses some form of "dick" eleven times to make his point that "a small-time blonde girl like you" had to do something to gain charge of the whorehouse. Given his vocation, I wonder if he'd treat her with more respect if he knew she murdered the last proprietor. Johnny's obviously offended at the love of his life being talked to like this, but Ava evenly tells Augustine she's a businesswoman. He smirks and wonders if that means she attaches herself to whatever guy gets her what she wants, and after a retreat to the arena of fellatio, he tells her Boyd has the heart of a champion and is willing to do whatever it takes to realize his dreams -- but what about her?

Ava grabs a brandy before deliberately sashaying over to sit with Augustine as he notes that she really loves Boyd before wondering if he got her ring from "one of those claw machines at Denny's." Come on, Augustine, Boyd has money. He could pay someone to work one of those machines. Johnny is seething, but Ava continues to be a total pro even as Augustine tells Ava to show him her tits. This is too much for Johnny, who tells Augustine to shut up, and Augustine takes a moment to absorb this before asking Johnny if he's serious. You see -- and I wasn't expecting this -- Augustine is fully aware of Johnny having gone to Wynn behind Boyd's back, and Ava is aware of a shift in the winds as she asks what's going on. After some more silent tension and guilty looks, Ava figures out the broad strokes even before Augustine gleefully announces that Johnny "made his play" by going to Wynn. "Guys don't have to really suck dicks to get what they want. They just need to betray someone." More in the interest of wrapping this up than keeping it classy, I'm going to let that one go.

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