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Bait And Switch

...while, at the bar, Boyd has apparently been spared any further physical distress, as, with a map in front of him, he's detailing their options: The first is to hit them at Arlo's, but he points out that it's on a hill with good sightlines, and as such is very defensible. Colton pipes up that they'd need at least a dozen men with heavy weapons and the resolve to lose at least half of them, prompting Augustine to inquire, "Who is he and why is he talking?" While that may seem rude, it'll teach Boyd to make the proper introductions next time. After Boyd rectifies his omission, Augustine asks "Picker," his older apparent lieutenant (who, by the way, is played by John Kapelos, who has credits a mile long but to me was most notably the janitor Carl in The Breakfast Club), how many men he has, and Picker counts four, but Boyd says that they're not going to arrive in time -- thanks to reports from the Tonin chopper, they know the marshals have a tow truck in their arsenal, which means their convoy will be able to push cars out of the way if necessary. "Raylan Givens intends on driving Drew out." Augustine replies that the marshals are fueling a helicopter in Lexington, but Boyd is sure that Raylan won't wait around to close the greatest case of his career -- he'll drive, and he'll take "the pass," so it certainly seems like Boyd has Raylan's number here. He points to a spot on the map and says their move should be to send Colton there. Augustine balks at the idea of him going alone, but Colton pipes up that he could use a shooter, so Augustine, indicating the man on his left, replies, "Colt, Mort. Mort, Colt." See how easy that was, Boyd? The two men head out, whereupon Boyd remarks to Ava, "At least I ain't gonna die today." To quote many Frisky Dingo characters when referring to statements such as that: WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT? Credits.

When we return, Tim and Art are in the lead vehicle of a convoy, and despite the imminent danger I'd really like to be in the back seat for this ride. We see a couple abandoned transports by the side of the road, and speaking of danger, Tim, driving the first car, suddenly skids to a halt, nearly causing a marshal pile-up in the process. Art asks what he's doing, so Tim, looking... well, I was going to say "as intense as he gets," but I have the feeling we won't get that until his final showdown with Colton, so let's just say he's appearing pretty damn focused as he says that three abandoned cars by the side of the road means big trouble. Art asks if he's thinking IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices), and wonders if he's sure, to which Tim replies that it's possible he's having a full-blown PTSD episode. Art, rather conversationally given the circumstances, asks if he gets those a lot, and Tim replies, "Only when I'm handlin' firearms in public." Heh. Tim then gets a call on the walkie-talkie asking what they're doing, and Tim tersely tells whoever's on the other end to pull up behind him "and stay off the goddamn radio." And the reason for his terseness is twofold, as we see the caller is wearing Raylan's trademark hat...

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