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Bait And Switch

...but in the car, Tim informs Art that they're going to be made to move -- and as such, they're going to do so. With that, he peels out and parks his car behind the tow truck, and the other two members of the convoy follow suit. As we hear a chopper overhead, Colton disbelievingly notes, "They circled the wagons." I bet it'll sound even better in Tim's book.

Boyd gets the news from Colton via phone and reports that the convoy is a decoy. Augustine remarks that Boyd can't catch a break, although I suppose the fact that Johnny and Ava are there suggests he's not planning on killing Boyd at a moment's notice. A couple hours, I could see. Augustine asks Boyd what now, and when Boyd looks like he might need a paper bag into which to hyperventilate as he requests a moment, Augustine asks Picker the status of the marshals' copter, and when he's told it left ten minutes earlier, replies, "Awesome." Augustine then sends Yolo to Arlo's, and when Boyd interjects that Raylan won't be there, Augustine replies, "That's a comment, not a solution." Boyd, that reply was pretty predictable, so if you were this unprepared for it, you might as well sit and think like you said you would.

Raylan, Rachel and Shelby enter a high-school building that's seen better days, and when Shelby remarks that they're really in trouble, Raylan replies, "We ain't in deep shit because my alma mater's a flawed redoubt. We're in trouble because of you." Leave it to Raylan to find the weirdest time possible to display school spirit. As they march through the school to a defensible position, Shelby tosses off a bon mot about high schools being like prisons and adds that he went to Vietnam to get out of the former -- he was a flier even back then, and it was a grand old time. Raylan comments that Shelby's lived the life of ten men: "It's a wonder you keep straight what's real and what's horseshit." Shelby wonders if Raylan is going at him "like this" because he had Raylan fooled, and Shelby, as I've mentioned many times, you're the best, but in Raylan's defense it does seem like you've had a lot of horseshit to keep track of. It remind me, though, how many men on this show were in the armed services and as such have seen something of the world -- it does explain how many cultured lowlifes there are in Harlan. Raylan does allow that he's tired of the "folksy reminiscing," to which Shelby replies that he was right under Raylan's nose, and although Raylan will come out of all this a hero, "you will be the butt of a couple of jokes too." Well, Shelby, Raylan did have twenty grand in cash stolen and used to purchase fighting chickens. If he survived that humiliation, I think he'll be okay here.

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