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Bait And Switch

Shelby continues to needle Raylan, pointing out that he's not doing such a great job to have the three of them up against an Apache (that's the attack helicopter, in case you're unfamiliar) raid, but Raylan's too jazzed at the prospect of putting Shelby away to care, and wonders if Shelby wants them to see him as the valiant underdog. Shelby replies that his efforts to get away from the Detroit mafia and what he did to Waldo were desperate, prompting Rachel to ask what exactly Shelby did to Waldo -- how did he pull it off, exactly? "Knock him over the head, dump him out [the] plane... hold a gun on him? Make the man jump? Or, did you give him a smile and a thumbs-up as he stepped out, knowing you'd rigged his chute and he was going to his death?" Rachel's tone seems to indicate she thinks the last supposition is the truth, and I speculated about it last time, but given that Waldo's chute was open when he landed, it seems likely that he came in crazy hot, and that could be due to Shelby overloading him with cocaine. It seems like a waste of a lot of product, but he had to get Waldo's cooperation somehow, and anyway, we know Shelby took way more on his own jump than he should have as it was. Shelby says what he did to Waldo still haunts him, but Rachel, not sounding like she's buying, continues with the sweetly contemptuous tone as she asks if the fact that Waldo was a scumbag helped. "Is that how you justified it?" I wonder how many times the writers allow themselves to use the series title per season, and if there's an office prize for the writer who pens the script containing it. Shelby says yes, frankly, but Rachel goes on that Shelby's rationalized a lot of things so he can get what he wants. "The question I have is, what do you want?" It's a good question at that, but Shelby merely complains that he wants a shower and a change of clothes, "but that ship has sailed." Hee.

Raylan then gets a call from Constable Bob, who's at Arlo's -- the motion detector just went off. Uh oh. And by "uh oh," I mean "Yolo." Raylan's like, we're fine, but he freezes when Bob asks if he's at the old high school -- whoever's still in charge of it was having trouble with wire thieves, so they had Bob install a motion detector, same as the one at Arlo's. The situation still being under control but threatening to get out of hand, Raylan urgently tells Bob he needs to get away from Arlo's, but Yolo's truck is already speeding up the dirt road to the house, and Bob asks if "this" is one of Raylan's. When Raylan figures what's going on, he tells Bob he needs to hide, but clearly, it's too late for that...

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