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Bait And Switch

What's less obvious is that we're going to be paying loose homage to Vic Vega from Reservoir Dogs, and Yolo ritualistically lays out a couple guns on an end table as The O'Jays' "Love Train" hilariously plays. Yolo introduces himself and asks if Bob knows what his moniker means, and Bob does, in fact: "You Only Live Once." Yolo confirms that before telling Bob that he says it when shit's about to get real, and guess what? Bob supposes that shit is indeed about to get real, and given how well he's doing on the quiz, I hope Yolo maybe pulls this first punch a little. After said initial impact, Yolo gives Bob the chance to tell him where "Drew" is, but Bob merely wonders if he's talking about "the doctor on TV." Heh. Yolo smirks and delivers two more punches -- the second of which the Foley guys would really like you to think breaks Bob's nose -- before repeating the question. Bob hems and haws, with blood flowing rather liberally, before asking, "Like Nancy Drew?" Hee. Yolo lets fly two body shots and a face punch before Bob starts to babble again, and Yolo swears he's about to really hurt him. Of course, Yolo doesn't know that Bob has heard those exact words more times than the number of stars he's currently seeing, so he's actually surprised when Bob eventually chokes out, "Drewbacca?" He starts tossing Bob around like a rag doll, as if the realtor weren't having enough trouble unloading the place, but after kicking him a few times, he seems impressed with Bob's resolve and tells him he'll let him catch his breath.

The music fades out, and I never did get a clear answer as to whether Yolo's playing it or it's just a soundtrack choice (if you're going to do the homage, the former seems stronger, but the way it plays makes the latter seem more likely); regardless, a couple more things happen, but as much as I appreciate a good homage, this scene is starting to feel a bit longer than it needs to be, so let's move ahead to Yolo kneeling down in front of Bob, getting a "Drewsitania," and kicking him a couple more times -- whereupon Bob stabs him in the thigh with a knife he apparently had concealed on him and just managed to retrieve. It looks like he hit the femoral artery, with the amount of blood that instantly appears, and all appropriate screaming ensues...

...as we see Raylan, in a pickup, speeding up to Arlo's, probably going to be just too late...

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