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Best Foot Forward

Some gross lowlife answers his door to find Mark and Tim, and he can't believe Mark's nerve, but Mark says he wants to square things, after which Tim drawls that maybe he should let them in rather than "discuss drug deals on your porch." The guy reluctantly agrees, and as the three of them walk in, they pass a half-dressed guy making a hasty exit, which will make more sense in a moment. Because, when the lowlife clears his throat, Mark starts disrobing, and when Tim turns and is like, uh, dude, Lowlife tells him it's his rule that everyone who comes in strips -- it's the only way he can be sure that (a) no one's wearing a wire and (b) he's the only one packing. The gratuitous use of the word "packing" aside, this policy makes sense to me, but my judgment might not be the most trustworthy when the prospect of naked Tim is, um, dangled before me. Tim wearily says they're just there to settle Mark's debt, but Lowlife is like, debt, that's a good one -- the last time Mark was there, he ripped off eight hundred bucks and a bottle of oxy. Tim, once again, is like, duuuuude, and Lowlife demands double what Mark stole for them to be square. Mark starts to babble about how he doesn't have it, prompting Lowlife to pull his gun -- but Tim's right there with his own piece. "Good thing I never took my pants off, huh?" As I mentioned, I'm not the right person to ask. Tim gets Lowlife to lower his weapon, and when Lowlife requests a down payment -- everything in Mark's wallet -- Tim backs his play. Mark balks, but Tim tells him, "Hand it over to him or I will shoot you myself." Not to be a complete cliché, but siiiigh.

Oh, dear, here's poor innocent videogame-playing Max. When Johnny and Colton enter his place, he doesn't take them nearly seriously enough, and soon, Colton is beating the crap out of him. He tries to proclaim his innocence, but Colton doesn't relent, even continuing to punch him in the face after he's gone glassy-eyed and Johnny tries to call him off. Johnny only gets Colton to desist by telling him not to kill Max, and then Colton's like, "That's for hittin' a girl," and the fact that he sounds like he even believes his own line is possibly the most distressing thing of all, and despite having ordered this scene, Johnny looks a bit taken aback at how it played out.

Ava returns to the bar to find Boyd, and she tells him she's secured them an invitation. After he replies that they'll try it her way, she haltingly says she's having a hard time; she loves him, and she didn't lose any sleep over Devil or Delroy, but killing Ellen May is tearing her apart. She goes on that she'd do anything for Boyd, but she needs to know where they're headed. In response, he rises and tells her to meet him in the truck in two minutes, and it's not like I thought he was going to send her to, as far as he knows, keep Ellen May company or anything, but he hasn't seemed particularly loving this season, and with the secret money in the ceiling I was wondering if he was still as devoted to her as he once was. And from how unhappy she looks, it seems I have a point, but she eventually complies, and he stares after her for a long moment...

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