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Best Foot Forward

...but then the two of them are up on a Harlan hill, leaning against the truck and looking over the town. Boyd says that his mother used to bring him up there when he was a boy, and he'd look at the town's lights and pretend they were stars. "And I'd get in my spaceship and just float through the universe." Ava's not sure where he's going with this, but he hands her a small metal strongbox and tells her inside is the answer to her question from earlier. Not without trepidation, she opens it -- and discovers that stash of money Boyd had hidden in the ceiling. Aw yeah, Boyd Crowder. Renewing our faith.

He tells her he hated to hide it from her, but he wanted the time to be right. "It's a down payment on a house, Ava. Anywhere you want it -- maybe it'll even be a place with a view like this." He goes on that they're doing what they're doing for the future, so in three generations' time they'll be an old family name, and it's not completely clear but it sounds like, especially in the context of his earlier remarks that they don't belong in Clover Hill, he hopes for his kids to have a legitimate social status he never did. It's also not clear if that means they won't be criminals, but they'll at least have hope for minimum security. Upon being prompted, Ava digs deeper and finds an engagement ring, and he says he knows most people wouldn't do this over a box of cash. "But the way I see it, Ava Crowder (guess she's going to be Ava Crowder Crowder after this), you and me -- we ain't like most people." She tearfully agrees, and then he gets down on one knee and asks "the love of my life, the apple of my eye," to marry him, and she happily accepts. Awwww. And next week, they can celebrate their newly-engaged status by going to a swinger's party!

John Ramos is a writer and film producer living in Los Angeles. His new film, a documentary on online privacy and the sale of personal data called Terms And Conditions May Apply, recently premiered at the Slamdance Film Festival in January. You can get news on it from the film's Twitter account. Also, you can email John at couchbaron@gmail.com, follow him on Twitter at https://twitter.com/couchbaron, or check out his blog, "Pull Up A Chair," which he'd just love for you to stop by.

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