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Best Foot Forward

In the bar, tensions are running high: Johnny for whatever reason is disbelieving that Dale isn't Drew Thompson, Colton is smoking heroin in the bathroom more frantically than I thought was possible, and Ava is scrubbing a spot on the bar like she's doing her best impression of Lady MacBeth come to Kentucky. Boyd barks for Ava and Colton to join him, not that either one of them hops to it, and after Johnny asks if they're just going to put a gun to the head of every old man who lives in Clover Hill, Boyd doesn't exactly make me super-confident about his plan with his response that it is what they'll do if he says so. Ava wonders if they should exploit "Arnold," to whom I've been and will continue to refer as "Judge Executive Furry," but Boyd doesn't really give a compelling reason in kiboshing that idea. Johnny then asks how they can be sure Wynn will honor his part of the deal, and Boyd asks if he has reason to believe he won't, which so completely ignores everything they know about Wynn that if I were Johnny, it would make me think Boyd had gotten wind (wynnd?) of my secret understanding. Johnny frames his certain knowledge as hypothetical in saying that if he were Wynn, he'd let Boyd track down Thompson and then kill Boyd, but Boyd is dismissive of this entirely real scenario and dispatches Johnny to see what's taking Colton so long.

While Colton yells for Johnny to give him a minute, Ava wonders if Johnny's right, but Boyd says he needs to find Thompson before he even worries about Wynn. Maybe not crazy smart, but it'd be disrespectful to assume Boyd has no plan, I suppose. Ava softly says she just doesn't want to see him get hurt, but Boyd asks her to trust him: "This bird in the hand is gonna be worth ten in the bush." Not to sound like that simp Hiram Colton accidentally killed in the season premiere, but I have no idea what he's talking about. Speaking of Colton, he lights some paper on fire and waves it around to cover the drug smell before exiting the bathroom, whereupon Boyd admonishes him for having eaten huevos rancheros for breakfast. Sorry, Boyd, but huevos rancheros are worth it even if distress is the price. Just ask Brody's special son on Homeland. Boyd sends Colton to Audrey's to keep his eyes open for any over-50 Clover Hill types before taking Johnny and bouncing, whereupon Ava asks Colton if he's okay. Despite surely feeling like he's falling apart on every level, Colton assures her he's fine...

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