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Best Foot Forward

...while someone's about to be the opposite of fine, if the look on Raylan's face when he knocks on a trailer door and then hears gunshots is any indication. When he rounds the structure, we see that the shooter is merely firing at a drawing he made of a Native American, not that that isn't just lovely, and also that he's Roz's boyfriend/partner in crime Benny from the season premiere. Upon hearing his name, Benny, while telling Raylan that he and Roz are no longer together, gives Raylan all kinds of attitude, which, not surprisingly, results in him getting shoved to the ground. Has Raylan's reputation for badassery really not made the rounds in Harlan? They don't have to be happy about it, but you'd think people would realize cooperation would yield the same result with a lot less fuss. Raylan tells Benny to phone Roz like ten minutes ago, but his attention is diverted by Shelby calling his name from his car. Raylan tells him he's in the middle of something before slapping Benny down again, so Shelby comes over and mildly remarks he's obviously going to get the same "preferential treatment" as his deputies before asking if he's got a line on Roz, suggesting that his deputies reported Raylan's discovery to him. When Raylan complains that he's dealing with a love-scorned teenager, Shelby once again impresses by insinuating that Benny's choice of drawing might not be entirely based on racism, and asks Raylan if he's coming...

...and we cut to a rather large Native American opening up for Raylan and Shelby, and Shelby greets him as "Teddy" and says they're looking for Roz. Teddy merely stares in return, and after a couple silent nods that are both cryptic and menacing, Raylan declares his intention to enter Teddy's little abode, whereupon Teddy goes for the knife on his belt. Just then, however, Roz calls out that she's there, and at least someone around here has the good sense not to test Raylan's limits. She tells Teddy to let them pass, and Raylan immediately follows her in, but Shelby is like, Teddy, I'm not incredibly comfortable with you holding that knife, given that it's big enough to gut a tuna.

Teddy reluctantly hands it over, and then inside, Roz says she didn't have sex with Teddy, to which Raylan answers that he's sure she and "'Rapes With A Smile' here" were just talking. Hee. When Roz plays dumb at a reference to severed foots, Raylan grabs her, prompting Teddy to rush toward him, but, quick as a flash, Shelby grabs a handy metal bar and clocks Teddy in the back of the leg, and he goes down like a fallen sequoia. In a voice that sounds as white trash as that of any local Caucasian, he threatens to cut them, but no one pays any attention, and Roz soon admits she was at the scene of the crime, but goes on that she and Teddy can find Josiah just fine. "Teddy here's part Cherokee. Family came here on the Trail of Tears." Raylan strikes an acceptable balance between reverence for that subject and contempt for Teddy personally, but when Roz goes on that when they find whoever gave Josiah the footectomy, they'll do more than just arrest him, Raylan points out that it'll be hard for Teddy to do any tracking if he's in jail for statutory rape. Roz starts to deny it again, but Raylan informs her that repeating a lie won't make it true. Well, he never struck me as much of a PR type.

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