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Best Foot Forward

We see that Psycho The Toenail-Clipper and Moron Who Drives A Panel Van tried to stop the bleeding by tying a belt around the wound, but Moron realizes it's not doing the job, and Josiah begs them to take him to a hospital. Moron and Psycho then argue until Gable turns up, which is a nice twist but not like amazingly shocking, since we learned last episode how well she responds to the almighty dollar. (Although, given that it seems like she immediately passed the information she got from Arlo on to the Tonins, maybe she was in their pocket beforehand?) She asks how he is, and Moron earns his nickname by failing to reply "Not great" in a shout-out to Archer, and hey, FX, where was the synergistic network note on that one? He asks how far away her "guys" are, and when she tells him they'll be half an hour at least, he reiterates that they have to stop the bleeding. Gable goes to find some bandages, but Psycho is more in favor of using a blowtorch to cauterize the wound, and Josiah isn't so out of it that he doesn't moan at the prospect. Gable and Moron are similarly not so enamored of the idea, but Psycho pulls out a knife and holds it to Moron's throat as he makes it clear that if he doesn't get paid, the both of them die. I mean, if they were going to flambé Josiah's leg, they could have had the decency to do it when he was still in shock from the amputation. You have to plan these things!

Oh, here's Judge Executive Furry entering his lovely Clover Hill home and happily calling to "April" to see if she's home. What he does not hear, however, is that April is not only home but engaged in conversation -- with Ava. Haaaa ha ha. When he enters the kitchen, April "introduces" them, and Judge Executive Furry manages to play along reasonably, even if he won't be getting nominated for any acting awards. After we learn that April and Ava went to the same high school and Ava winsomely announces that April inspired her to become a cheerleader (there's even a discussion of a cheerleader memory book and the performance of a little cheer), Ava holds up a photo of April standing next to someone dressed as the school mascot, which just happens to be a bear. "That's not you, is it, Arnold?" HA! As disappointed as I was with Raylan's failure to crack foot jokes earlier, Ava more than makes up for it in this scene with all her references to bears. Judge Executive Furry says he'd love to join them in looking at all the photos of his wife before asking her if she wouldn't mind getting him his reading glasses.

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