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Best Foot Forward

When she's gone, he rounds on her, but she tells him to be nice. "No reason to let them bear claws come out." Heeeeee. When he hears that all she wants is an invitation to Napier's party (after a reference to his "fondness for wildlife"), though, he calms down and smiles in relief that she didn't need to threaten him for that. She wonders if getting Boyd an invitation isn't a big deal, but Judge Executive Furry thinks he'll be a hit with the women, and "the guys'll be givin' up their left nuts just to get a shot at you." Not particularly wanting to hear that assessment from someone who got carnal with Ellen May, Ava snaps that she was referring to the bad blood between Boyd and Napier, but Judge Executive Furry dismissively replies that he'll handle Napier before telling her she can consider both herself and Boyd invited. Ava takes him at his word, but I bet Boyd still runs up to Napier's door in a serpentine pattern.

Oh, here are Raylan and Shelby (in Raylan's car) pulling up to a house outside which a rather ugly panel van is parked. No sooner have they approached the house than does a black SUV appear, but although it slows down enough that we see two tough-looking dudes dressed all in black inside, they apparently decide it's not worth a fight with two different law branches and drive on. Shelby notes that the vehicle was a rental, and Raylan supposes that if they checked the agreement, they'd find a Detroit credit card was used..

...while inside, Psycho is just firing up the blowtorch and tells his two accomplices that they're going to have to hold Josiah down, and then Josiah is literally and hilariously like, "I'm actually feeling a whole lot better now." Hee. Moron and Gable, though, have no choice but to give in to Psycho's menace, and when Josiah once again tries to tell them he's not Drew Thompson, Gable informs him that's not what Arlo says. As I alluded to earlier, THAT'S the name he gave her last week. I knew he'd never tell her the truth, but it didn't occur to me he'd be so crafty as to use the opportunity to get Josiah out of the way.

Anyway, Psycho does in fact go through with it, and Josiah screams bloody (sorry) murder, which brings Raylan and Shelby in, guns drawn. Moron actually runs for the back door with no cover and struggles with it when he finds it locked, which Raylan can't even believe. However, it's enough of a distraction that Psycho gets to pick up a can of spray paint or something equally flammable and send a fireball in Raylan's direction, but Raylan manages to slide gracefully out of its way, making my screams of "NOT IN HIS FACE" seem like an overreaction. Shelby then plugs Psycho in the shoulder, and he goes down as Raylan asks, "What the hell was that?" He just sounds offended; it's hilarious. He then tells Gable that she picked a couple winners, and when, upon being asked, she tells him her client is "the dumb one," Raylan replies, "That don't narrow it down." Hee.

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